Thanksgiving Bingo Printables


Download these freebie Thanksgiving Bingo printables for some fun gametime with the kids or the whole family this holiday season!

Hi there! My name is Linda from and I’m a graphic designer and mama who loves to design and share printable downloads. Today I have a set of Thanksgiving bingo printables to share with you. When all the family has gathered it’s a great time to play some games together and bingo is easy enough for both young and old.

Preview of printable bingo pages with Thanksgiving icons on top of dark background with evergreens and leaves spread throughout.

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So when the fall season sets in and we head into Thanksgiving, I know everyone is busy making arrangements for the holiday. From planning to cooking and cleaning, it can be a very stressful time.

I think it helps to have some budget friendly games ready to go for the kids and the rest of the family who might be visiting. I’m a huge fan of setting up simple games that even the little ones can participate in. Keep your family members all entertained so you can get things done, right?

Thus I have designed a whole set of Thanksgiving bingo cards to print at home instantly. There’s enough for 4-5 players, but you can easily craft with the kids to create more card variations for the whole family. No matter how many people are visiting, with some paper and glue, you can have a fun time together.


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What You Need:

Preview of printable bingo pages on marble countertop with dried foilage decorations in upper left and lower left.

Printable Tips for Thanksgiving Bingo Printables

So, when you sign-up above, you’ll receive the link to download the free PDF that includes 5 pages of Thanksgiving bingo cards. I’ve labelled them in the upper right with key and 1-4, so you can differentiate the various pages.

Printing and Preparing for Bingo

Now, if you only have 4-5 players at home, then you can print out the pages and start playing immediately. Each bingo card is unique, so you won’t know who will win until gameplay! The key would be used by the person calling out the icons, so the others can fill up their card to reach bingo. You can use dried beans or uncooked pasta to mark each called icon on the bingo card.

However, instead of calling out the icons in order, you can also cut apart the square pieces and mix them up to get a random order. Just like bingo with numbers, you can mix up the squares and draw one at random to call out the order. Bingo is such an easy game for little kids and older folks alike, so it’s the perfect game to get the whole family together.

Preview of printable bingo pages with Thanksgiving icons on top of a dark background with a circular wreath made of pumpkins, figs and various leaves and berries.

Customize Your own Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

Also, if you have more family members playing or want to customize your bingo cards, then you can print more copies of the pages, but cut apart the squares. Then glue them back on a piece of paper in a different ordering for each bingo card.

In this way, each person can make their own custom bingo card in a random order, so no one card is the same! Especially for the little kids, they might want to color up your drawings first before cutting it all apart to recompose into a new card.

With this method, you can make an unlimited number of custom bingo cards. These can be prepared before family arrives for Thanksgiving or make it an activity for game prepartion to keep the kids busy while you cook and prepare for the Thanksgiving meal!

Preview of printable bingo pages with Thanksgiving icons on wooden tabletop with white plate and slice of pie on bottom with hand holding cup of coffee and pinecones and candle burning in lower left.

What’s Next? 

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Preview of printable bingo pages with Thanksgiving icons on top of background with pumpkins.

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