Kids Valentine’s Day Card with Sheep Joke


Does your child love to draw and tell jokes? Then we have the perfect kids Valentine’s Day card for your child to give to friends at school.

Tickle your child’s funny bone and let him or her get creative at the same time with this easy free printable kids Valentine’s Day Card. Your kids will love creating their own sheep pictures to go along with the humorous knock, knock joke on this printable.

Valentine's Day Card Free Printable for Kids with funny sheep knock knock joke

One-of-a-kind Kids Valentine’s Day Card idea

Every year for Valentine’s Day, we design a unique kid’s Valentine’s Day card that C1, our oldest son can give to school friends. More often than not, Valentine’s Day cards we make can be attached to a low-cost treat or trinket. For example, when he was in preschool many years ago, we made cute Fish Valentines that attached to a bag of goldfish crackers. Then for his kindergarten class, we were inspired to make Ruler Valentines after finding inexpensive, colorful rulers at our dollar store.

When he was in first grade, he was really into telling jokes, so we made valentines with a funny car joke and attached Laffy Taffy candy. In second grade, he gave out “A-maze-ing” valentines with a toy labyrinth attached.

Boy drawing a sheep on a Valentine's Day card for friends at school

As a third-grader, C1 loves to draw and write. He fills notebook upon notebook with comics and sketches as he dreams about being an author/illustrator when he grows up. We even used one of his drawings to decorate his birthday cake, so it’s only natural that he wanted to draw his own Valentine’s day cards too.

We thought your preschool or elementary child might enjoy drawing his or her own cards as well so we’ve made the kids Valentine’s Day card available as a FREE digital download for Kenarry Idea Insiders. Both versions of the card you see in the photos are available — one with C1’s unique drawing and a blank one so your child can draw a sheep too!

Funny Valentine's Day card for kids with a knock knock joke and a blank spot for a child to draw a picture of a sheep

How to draw your own kids valentine’s Day card

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To make these kids Valentine’s Day cards, all you need are few simple things!

Funny Valentine's Day card for kids with a blank spot for a child to draw a picture of a sheep

What You Need:


1. Get the free printable kids Valentine’s Day Card.

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Once you have the file, print the kids Valentine’s Day card on white card stock. NOTE: There are two versions of this card. One with C1’s drawing that he’s graciously allowed me to share with you and there’s also a blank version.

Two different version of the free printable Valentine's Day card for kids featuring a sheep joke

2. Cut apart the sheep joke Valentines.

Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut apart each kids Valentine’s Day card along the gray lines.

Using scissors to cut apart kids Valentine's Day cards

3. have your child draw a sheep and a door.

If you’re using the blank version of the card, have your child draw a sheep knocking on a door on each of the cards using crayons, colored pencils or markers.

TIME-SAVING TIP: BEFORE you cut apart the valentine cards, have your child do the sheep drawing just four times on the original. Then scan the original to your computer (or photocopy) and reprint as many times as you need in order to have enough for your child’s classmates.

For C1’s Valentine’s Day cards, he actually created his drawing digitally using my iPad Pro and Apple pencil so we could easily mass produce enough for all the kids in his class.

Sheep drawing with knock knock joke on a Valentine's Day card

Here are a few other creative tips and ideas:

Kid drawing a picture of a sheep on a card to give friends at a school Valentine's Day party

4. Have your child sign the Valentine cards.

If your child is able to write, have your child put his or her name on each Valentine’s Day card.

Check with your child’s teacher to see if he or she has a preference for whether your child should also address the cards to specific friends in class. Many teachers feel that it’s faster and easier at the Valentine’s Day party if cards aren’t addressed to specific classmates.

Boy signing his name on a Valentine's Day card

5. (OPTIONAL) Attach candy to the cards.  

Make a loop with a piece of transparent tape and stick it to the back of the candy. Then carefully, but firmly press the candy to the front of the kids Valentine’s Day card.

Using clear tape to attach chocolate hearts to child's Valentine's Day card

6. Finish making the rest of the Kids Valentine’s Day cards.

Repeat these steps until you’ve made as many Valentine’s Day cards as you need for all the kids in your child’s class.

Chocolate hearts attached to kids Valentine's Day card with a funny knock knock joke about a sheep

We hope you and your child enjoy this creative and funny free printable Valentine’s Day card!

What kind of valentines have your children given to their friends? Have you seen any other creative ideas? Please comment below and share. We’re always looking for new ideas.

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Kid's Drawing Valentine Free Printable Joke Card

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