Knock Knock Valentines: Free Printable Cards For Kids


Download free printable knock knock valentines for kids. Your child will love giving these funny valentine cards with a knock knock joke to friends at the school Valentine’s Day party.

Knock, knock? Who’s there? Your new Free Printable Knock Knock Valentines for kids!

Dress up these adorable valentine cards with inexpensive funny glasses, large googly eyes or even sunglasses. Your children will love giving these to their friends for Valentine’s Day this year.

Knock knock valentines for kids will bring laughter and joy to any Valentine's Day party. Just add googly eyes or silly glasses to these free printable valentine cards and let the fun begin!

I love creating fun birthday treat tags and Valentine cards for my boys to give to their friends at school. When our youngest son who we call “C2” here on the blog started attending preschool last year, he was adamant that he wanted funny Valentine’s Day cards. I’m sure this choice was highly influenced by the Car Valentines with a funny joke that we created for his big brother’s class. Doesn’t every little brother want to do whatever his big brother is doing?

At four years of age, knock knock jokes were C2’s very favorite kind of joke to tell. But before we could select a joke for his valentine cards we wanted to find some sort of treat or trinket to go with them.

Funny glasses from the dollar store are a great trinket or toy to attach to kids Valentine cards. They go great with the free printable knock knock valentines for kids at

With that in mind, we headed to our favorite dollar store and wandered up and down the aisles. We were looking for just the right thing to catch our eye (pun intended! LOL!) that we could attach to the valentine cards. C2 knew instantly when he saw the 4 packs of silly eyeball glasses that they would be perfect for his knock, knock valentines.

A funny joke and silly glasses make these knock knock valentines for kids a big hit at any school Valentine's Day party!

Next we looked to the world wide web to find the perfect eye related joke for these knock knock valentines. Here’s what we found:

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?


Eye who? 

Eye want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

This one was easy for C2 to understand and he just kept giggling and repeating it. Chances are your preschool or elementary child and his/her classmates will love this joke too so we wanted to make the Knock, Knock Valentines we created available as a FREE digital download for Kenarry Idea Insiders.

Kids love these knock knock valentines with funny glasses. Get the free printable valentine's day cards now at

How to Make Knock Knock Valentines

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These funny knock knock valentines for kids use silly glasses or googly eyes as a Valentine’s Day gift that will have your child’s classmates rolling with laughter!

What You Need:

Need an easy Valentine's Day card idea? These funny knock knock valentines for kids are a free printable available exclusively at

As alternatives, I think any of these options would also be super duper cute for Valentine’s Day:

Use large googly eyes to dress up these funny kids Valentine cards. You can find these free printable knock knock valentines for kids at - perfect for Valentine's Day on a budget!


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Once you have the file, print the Knock Knock Valentines in color on white card stock.

These free printable Knock Knock Valentines for kids are available at -- perfect cards for Valentine's Day!

2. Cut the Knock Knock Valentines apart 

Cut the valentine cards apart. For straight lines, it’s often really helpful to use a paper trimmer. I sometimes like to just use scissors though.

Use scissors to cut apart free printable knock knock valentines for kids. You can find these Valentine's Day cards exclusively at

3. Sign the Knock Knock Valentines

If your child is able to write, have your child spell out his or her name on the Knock Knock Valentines. We learned from our older son’s preschool teachers that they usually prefer the kids not address cards to specific kids. Since the kids are just starting to learn to read, it makes the whole distribution process at the Valentine’s Day party go much faster if they can hand the valentine card to any kid.

4. Punch holes in the Valentine’s Day cards

Next, use a single hole punch to create two holes in the Knock Knock Valentines. You’ll want one hole on the left side in the middle of the card. And the second hole in the middle of the right side. This will allow you to easily insert the novelty glasses in the next step.

Punch holes in these free printable knock knock joke valentines to attach funny glasses from the dollar store. These Valentine cards are sure to bring laughter to the school Valentine's Day party.

5. Attach the novelty glasses 

Insert the stems of the funny eyeglasses through the holes you just created and fold the glasses closed.

Use silly glasses and these funny knock knock joke valentines for kids to bring laughter to your child's Valentine's Day party at school. The free printable Valentine cards are available at

If you’d like, you can use washi tape to secure the glasses in place. The ones we bought kind of wanted to pop back out of the holes. So I was worried that the glasses may slide out of the cards when my son passed them out to his class on Valentine’s Day.

Washi tape keeps funny glasses from falling out of these knock knock valentines for kids. They're a fun idea for a non-candy Valentine's Day treat for the school party.

Now you have a colorful and fun gift for your child to give as valentines at school!

Eye want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! These funny knock knock valentines for kids use silly glasses or googly eyes as a Valentine's Day gift for kids. Get the free printable valentine cards at

What kind of Valentine’s Day cards does your child usually like to give his or her friends? Have you seen any really creative ones? Please comment below and share. We’re always looking for new ideas.

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Who doesn't love a good joke? Use funny glasses from the dollar store or googly eyes to dress up these funny knock knock valentines for kids. These free printable Valentine cards are sure to bring laughter to the school Valentine's Day party.

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