14 Revolutionary Mason Jar Craft Ideas


From home organization to wedding centerpieces, these mason jar craft ideas will change how you view these glass jars!

Hi! This is Annie from Venture1105 with another of my fun lists! I was thinking about all the fun things you can do with mason jars, so I picked out my favorite ones and listed them here for you. I just know you are going to find something brand new to make.

14 revolutionary mason jar craft ideas.

It’s amazing how many creative and different things you can make with a simple mason jar. I’ve seen some people use them for meal prep and others use them as lanterns. Well, in this list, I’m sharing some really easy crafts that you can make with your kids.

They are revolutionary because they are just that easy! You don’t need any crazy supplies to make them either.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed

For most of these crafts, you only need a few tools. If you keep these supplies in your stash, you’ll be able to create your own completely unique mason jar crafts.

Original & Unique Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Here’s the entire list of completely unique and creative crafts you can make with mason jars. From floral centerpieces to DIY gift ideas and even some ways you can pamper yourself. Mason jars are some of the most versatile craft supplies you can use!

1. Boho Gold Centerpiece

These white and gold floral centerpieces are absolutely stunning and only take a few minutes to make! Keep an eye out for decorative tissue paper in the gift-wrapping section of the store.

2. Pencil Holder With Twine

This super-simple desktop pencil holder reminds me of Winnie The Pooh! I just look at it and see a jar of honey, don’t you?

3. Farmhouse-Style Planter

Not only does this tutorial for a mason jar planter show you how to paint it, but it gives you decorating ideas too. This planter is a fantastic way to add some fresh new decorations to your desk or wall.

4. Lavender Sugar Scrub

This lavender sugar scrub might be an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, but it is also a wonderful craft to do as a treat for yourself.

5. Coconut Lime Foot Scrub

Another way to pamper yourself is with the island aromas of a coconut lime foot scrub. It smells amazing and feels completely relaxing when you use it.

6. Glitter Painted Mason Jars

These glitter-painted jars are fun any time of the year! The best part about them is that you can add some glitter to your decor without getting it everywhere.

7. Frankincense Skin Scrub

Another way to pamper yourself is with a rejuvenating Frankincense skin scrub. This has a musky, earthy aroma that also helps your body with antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties too.

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8. Apple Mason Jar

If you love apples, then this apple mason jar craft is just for you! This is a fun way to add apple decor to your kitchen. Or, fill it with some candy and give it as a gift.

9. DIY Funfetti Soy Candle

Making your own funfetti soy candle has never been easier! I love all the bright sprinkles inside the white wax. It’s just such a fun idea.

10. DIY Terrarium

This is a genius idea! These cute mason jar terrariums really work and they keep the mess contained!

11. Kitchen Canisters

This cute set of kitchen canisters is made with a Cricut and it looks like something you’d buy at Home Goods. These make the perfect wedding gift or just redecorate your own kitchen.

12. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

This mason jar sewing kit is such a fantastic idea! All of your sewing supplies are inside the mason jar – with a pin cushion on top. Plus, this is a no-sew craft!

13. Mason Jar Map Bank

Save up for future trips with these cute map banks. In fact, you can take this idea and use any other theme that you want.

14. DIY Mason Jar Soap pumps

These DIY soap pumps are so easy that you will want to make your own homemade soap all the time. This tutorial shows you how to make regular or foam soap too.

There you have it! What will you make with some mason jars? I hope you found some new ideas to try.

14 creative glass mason jar craft ideas.

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