Pencil Valentines For Kids: Free Printable


Every student needs a pencil! These free printable Pencil Valentines are cute and useful for kids to give as Valentine’s Day cards at school.

Skip the candy and chocolates this Valentine’s Day and create cards with something useful (and sugar-free!) — fun and colorful pencils or other writing utensils. The Pencil Valentines I’m sharing today are available as a free printable.

Free printable Valentine's Day card for kids with a real pencil through a heart illustration.

Unique Printable Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

I love to design fun, creative kids Valentine’s Day cards each year for my boys to give their friends at school. Typically, I make Valentine’s Day cards to go with a low-cost treat or trinket.

For our youngest son, who I refer to as C2 on the blog, one year I made knock, knock valentines to go with funny glasses. Another year, I designed airplane valentine’s day cards to go with toy planes. A few years ago, he wanted store-bought Spiderman valentines so we made candy spiders out of heart-shaped chocolates to go with them.

Kid's valentines with pencils that say

To get inspiration for the kids’ Valentine’s Day cards, the boys and I love to go to our local dollar store and wander up and down the aisles searching for the perfect inexpensive toy or treat. When C2 spotted colorful mechanical pencils covered in emojis, I knew we’d found something that would be a big hit with his first-grade friends.

Free printable pencil valentine for kids that reads

We thought your preschool or elementary child might love these cards too so we’ve made the Pencil Valentines available as a FREE digital download for Kenarry subscribers.

How to Make Amazing Valentines

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To make these Pencil Valentines, all you need are few simple things!

Paper card with text

What You Need:

Pencils, scissors and xact-o knife to make Valentine's Day cards.


1. Get the free printable Pencil valentines

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Once you have the file, print the tags for the Pencil Valentine’s Day cards on white card stock.

Printed page of 4 cards that read

2. Cut apart the Amazing Valentines

Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut apart each Valentine’s Day card along the gray lines.

Scissors cutting apart kids' Valentine's Day cards.

3. Attach the pencils to the cards  

Use an X-acto knife to cut a small slit about 1/2 inch long on the lower left and upper right of the heart on each Valentine’s Day card. Put the card on a cutting mat to protect your tabletop or desk.

Xacto knife to cut slit to insert pencil through Valentine's Day cards.

Then carefully, slide a pencil through the two slits as shown in the photo below. It ends up looking like cupid’s bow going right through the heart.

Inserting a mechanical pencil through a kids Valentine's Day card.

4. Have your child sign the Valentine cards

If your son or daughter can write, have your child sign his or her name on each Valentine’s Day card – with pencil, of course!

Check with your child’s teacher to see if he or she has a preference for whether your child should also address the cards to specific friends in class. Some teachers feel that the whole distribution process at the Valentine’s Day party is easier when the cards aren’t addressed to a specific child. This way students can give any valentine card to any kid.

Child using a pencil to sign his Valentine's Day cards.

5. Finish the remaining pencil Valentines for kids

Repeat these steps until you’ve made as many Valentine’s Day cards as you need for all the students in your child’s class.

Pencils inserted through free printable cards that say

I hope you enjoy this easy free printable card for your child to give to friends at the school Valentine’s Day party!

What Valentine’s Day Cards have your children given to their friends? Have you seen any clever or creative ones? Please comment below and share. I’m always looking for new ideas.

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Printable Valentine's Day card for kids to use with pencils or pens through a heart.

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