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Need some printable Christmas tags for last minute gift wrapping? Check out this cute freebie to download and print instantly!

Hello! My name is Linda from and I’m a graphic designer who loves to create digital printable downloads to share. Today I’m sharing a set of printable Christmas tags for free download. They are perfect for tagging all of your gifts this season, as well as last minute emergencies when you need a tag asap! Just download and print instantly at home.

Preview of Christmas tag pdf download on top of pink background with various Christmas ornaments and decorations on the right side.

The Christmas holiday season is festive and full of joy but at the same time, it can be stressful! Especially for parents like us, trying to make it a special fun time for our families all the while keeping on top of every single task.

When it comes to gift wrapping, I’ve always loved the almost hypnotic process of packaging every special item. However, when I’m missing supplies, it can really heighten my stress level and throw a wrench into my scheduled plans.

I used to have to fight the crowds, running to the store multiple times to buy last minute supplies. But I’ve learned better and now use digital printables for whatever I can, such as Christmas tags! It’s good to know I can simply print however many I need right at home.

Preview of multiple printouts of Christmas tag pdf download on a white background with right hand side border of white bells, silver ball ornaments and green leaves.

Using Digital Printable Christmas Tags

Digital printables are super efficient and easy to use, especially when you need lots of copies. Download pdfs to keep in your library of files and print as often as you need. These printable Christmas tags are sure to come in handy, year after year!

What you need: 

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Tips on Using Digital Printables:

Preview of three tags cut out from freebie Christmas tag pdf on a white background with golden kraft paper wrapped gifts scattered on top and bottom left corner.

Printable Christmas Tags Instantly

In the past, I’ve tried to estimate the number of Christmas tags I might need, add a few extra and hope that it’s sufficient. Unfortunately, I have found myself in a pickle after ruining tags from misspellings incidents. I also hate to buy too many tags, because then I’d have too many that might not be used! They can get ruined after a whole year of storage or I might not what that design the following year.

So I’ve actually switched to using only digital printables moving forward, because it’s on demand. I can download free designs like the PDF offered in this post or even purchase designs on the web. Then with my library of options, I can simply print the tags I want and need to use for the season. Easy peasy! I find digital printables to be a very practical choice and environmentally friendly.

Printing Tips

For Christmas tags, I recommend using cardstock paper since it’s much more sturdy to use as a label and will hold up to other decorations and embellishments. Remember to check your printer settings and choose the best print quality possible. That will ensure you get the most brilliant and colorful result.

If you are worried about wasting ink if you only want to use certain tags and not others, you can pull the PDF into a graphic program and simply cut out the images you want to use, printing only those specific tags. If you don’t have access to graphic programs, you can actually do this in Word or any other generic program you might have already installed on your computer.

The idea is to pull the design into a document then cover up the tags you don’t want to use with a white square. This makes it so you only print out the designs you see.

Another option is to make the design as large as possible when viewing the PDF on your computer screen and just screenshotting each tag separately. The screenshot will be good enough quality to print as little label tags for the purposes of gift giving, so that gives you lots of options to capture the designs you want to use and not waste paper or ink with extra designs.

These tips work for all of the printables you have in your library whenever you want to use only certain parts of a design. So just double-check your settings and print only the supplies you need.

Embellishing Printable Christmas Tags

Once you have the tags printed out, simply trim out with scissors and tape them to your gifts for an instant label. You can also get a bit more fancy by punching a hole at the top to attach the tag with some pretty ribbon or twine.

If you have other crafty supplies on hand, consider even decorating the tags with some glitter or add a bell or pinecone ornament to the ribbon. Sometimes I add some fresh evergreen leaves or other festive embellishment to spice up the tag decoration on my wrapped gifts.

I’m sure you can imagine that there are many ways to add special touches to these printable Christmas tags. Embellish with other holiday craft supplies you might already have in your stash, it just takes a little bit of crafty imagination. You can make it a fun crafternoon of gift wrapping and decoration!

Preview of three tags cut out from freebie Christmas tag pdf on a white background with evergreen leaves and pinecones with red and silver bells on ribbon in the upper left corner and spread throughout the border.

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Preview of Christmas tag pdf download on top of a red background with evergreen leaves and red ribbon visible on top portion.

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