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Download this cute printable Santa letter stationery set and help your kids write up their wishlists for the holiday season!

Hello! This is Linda from and I design printables to share with crafty moms like you. Today I wanted to share this printable Santa letter freebie, perfect for the holidays! You can help your kids write a letter or list out their wishlist onto this stationery paper that includes a coordinating envelope as well.

Preview of santa letter printable with matching envelope on top of a evergreen and lights background.

Nothing like a cute printable stationery set for the holidays to help your kids write their letters to Santa. This digital download lets you print as many pages as you need, over and over again for all the kiddos in your family. Writing a letter to Santa can be a fun and learning moment for you and your kids, as you think about your wishlist items and why you want them.

Preview of Dear Santa printable page on white background with left border of leaves and bells.

Printable Santa Letter – Free Download

For this printable stationery set, the PDF download includes 2 pages. First, there’s the lined stationery page followed by a matching envelope design. I’ve created a simple snowflakes doodle pattern on top of a minty blue background with accent stripes that will work for both girls and boys. It has a festive feel, but definitely a bit brighter and more modern than classic Christmas colors.

What you need: 

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Tips on Writing Santa Letters:

White countertop with star cookies with preview of santa letter stationery set pages showing.

Using This Printable Santa Letter Freebie

Once you sign-up above, you’ll receive the free PDF in your inbox. You can simply print out as many copies as you need to use. The coordinating envelope is very easy to construct. Just print, trim to size, fold over flaps and glue together.

When the Christmas season rolls arounds, my kids are always super excited and can only think about gifts! It can be a stressful time and overwhelming for us parents who are trying to wrangle so many different things during the holidays.

So when my kids write their Santa letters, effectively writing out a dream gift wishlist, I sometimes find it daunting. How many gifts will they request this year?! However, over time I’ve learned to guide them during this writing process, so that they spend more time evaluating their choices. Encourage your kids to not only write what they want, but why. If they can work out the reasoning for each gift, it helps them to truly judge and ultimately curate their choices.

Share Wishlists Across Family & Friends

Once your kids have written out their letters and wishlists with care, you can definitely use this information to share with family and friends. Although no one is obligated to buy a specific gift for my kids, I like to talk to relatives to make sure no one buys an identical gift. I think your family and friends will appreciate you sharing not only a list of gift ideas, but the motivations behind them. It will help to foster closer relationships and understanding with your kids!

Set Expectations for Santa’s Letter

Finally, especially for little kids it’s important to remember to set their expectations. Writing a letter to Santa does not mean you will get everything you want or that you can list 100 items on your wishlist. Use this as an opportunity to discuss wants and the motivations behind them.

In the end, use this printable Santa letter to help you and your family this holiday season. The idea is to make things as organized and as helpful as possible for a very busy time of year!

Preview of coordinating envelope printable on grey surface with white holiday ornaments on the bottom.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy using this printable Santa letter freebie. If you love digital printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more goodies.

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Santa letter pdf pages preview on top of evergreen tree background with lights and papers.

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