Make Cactus Suncatchers with Polymer Clay


Create beautiful cactus suncatchers using clear liquid polymer clay and alcohol inks for color. These bright and colorful cactus suncatchers will brighten up your windows, and they are so easy to make!

This is the time of year when the outdoors becomes drab and there is a definite need for some bright cheerful colors in my windows. With that in mind, I created some colorful cactus themed suncatchers using just three supplies: black polymer clay, clear liquid polymer clay, and alcohol inks for color. This fun tutorial will show you how to make these colorful suncatchers, and I even included a free cactus pattern to help you make your own!

How to make pretty cactus suncatchers with liquid polymer clay.

This is Suzy from SuzysSitcom. My husband and I are full time travelers in our RV and love to look out our windows at the amazing places that we visit. I wanted to add a bit of color to the windows and thought I would try out liquid polymer clay for the first time. Add a touch of alcohol inks, and the colors just shine!

This is a simple project that only takes a few hours. Use your design, or use the free cactus patterns that I drew up for you.

How to Make Cactus Suncatchers with Polymer Clay

For this project, you just need three main items, and a few other tools to help you out. A perfect project for a cold or snowy afternoon. The entire tutorial is in a printable card at the bottom of this post. But first, here is a little bit of info about the tools and supplies you’ll need.

Use alcohol ink, liquid polymer clay and black polymer clay to create suncatchers.

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How to Make Cactus Suncatchers:

Rolling out the black polymer clay for leading.

Roll out the black polymer Clay

Polymer oven-bake clay requires the proper application of heat to make it hard, and unlike other types of clay, it will not shrink as it hardens and sets. It is super easy to work with. Begin by rolling out some of the black polymer clay into long tubes using your fingers. You would want the tubes to be no larger than 1/4″ in width.

Use the patterns to create the outlines of the suncatchers.

Press the clay onto the glass pan

Turn the glass pan over so that you are working on the bottom of the pan. Use painter’s tape to tape your patterns on the inside of the pan facing out so that you can use them as templates. Begin pressing the black clay tubes into place following the templates.

Outlines of the patterns for suncatchers.

Be sure to press all the tubes in place before going to the next step. You do not want any of the liquid clay to escape. At this point, it is a good idea to go ahead and remove the paper templates from the inside of the pan before going to the next step.

Filling the outlines with clear polymer clay.

Add the liquid polymer clay

This is the first time that I’d ever worked with liquid polymer clay. It comes in a squeeze bottle with a small tip. It is relatively easy to squeeze it into the areas between the black polymer lines. You will find that liquid polymer clay is a bit sticky, so be sure to keep a damp towel nearby for your fingers.

Fill the areas, but not entirely to the top of the black lines. You need to allow a little space for addition of alcohol inks.

Add drops of alcohol inks for color.

Add Color with alcohol inks

Alcohol inks are permanent inks that are alcohol based. They adhere well to most non-porous surfaces. Keep that in mind while working with them. This is a great project to do when the children or pets are not around.

Add drops of color a little at a time. Each drop will spread throughout the space in just a few minutes time.

Allowing the alcohol ink color to spread.

In some sections, I added a drop of yellow on one side and a drop of green on the other. They blend together in the middle to create a beautiful mix of color. I experimented with stirring some of them with a toothpick, but I have to tell you that the best results were just allowing the inks to blend on their own.

Suncatchers ready to bake.

bake the cactus suncatchers

Once the inks are blended to your satisfaction, carefully place the glass pan into a preheated 300 degree oven for 18 minutes.

Suncatchers made with polymer clay and alcohol inks.

Pull them out of the oven and then allow them to cool. The cactus suncatchers will easily peel off of the glass pan once cooled. To place them in your window, dampen the back with a moist sponge and then apply to your window!

Here’s the printable card with everything you need to know about how to make Cactus Suncatchers with Polymer Clay!

How to Make Cactus Suncatchers with Polymer Clay

Create beautiful cactus themed suncatchers using clear liquid polymer clay and alcohol inks for color. These bright and colorful cactus suncatchers will brighten up your windows, and they are so easy to make!
Work Time1 hour
Baking Time18 minutes
Total Time1 hour 18 minutes
Author: Suzy Myers
Cost: $40


  • 1 Clear Glass Baking Pan Large enough to create two suncatchers
  • 1 Painters Tape


  • 1 2oz pack Black Polymer Clay
  • 1 2 oz bottle Clear Liquid Polymer Clay
  • 1 set Alcohol Inks
  • 1 ea. Cactus Patterns (optional)


  • Roll out the Black Polymer Clay into a narrow tube about 1/4" wide.
  • Tape two cactus pattern to the inside of the glass pan, facing the bottom with painters tape.
  • Flip the pan over and begin pressing the tube of polymer clay along the lines of the patterns.
  • Once all the tubes have been pressed in place, remove the patterns from the inside of the pan.
  • Fill the areas of the pattern with clear liquid polymer clay. Do not fill to the top of the black lines, because you want to leave room to add alcohol ink.
  • Add drops of alcohol ink, allowing the colors to spread.
  • Bake at 300 degrees for 18 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool. Peel the designs off of the glass pan.
  • Dampen the back with a sponge and place in your window!
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