Christmas Gnomes


DIY yourself these super cute ornament Christmas gnomes for your tree! These would make super cute gift toppers as well.

Hello! My name is Amy and I blog over at I love all things DIY and home decor. I’m always trying to think outside the box and create cute decor for my home.

Christmas is my absolute favorite. I love decorating and DIYing and gifting. My favorite type of gifts to give are always DIY gifts.

I find Christmas tree ornaments to be the easiest to make and gift. They don’t take up too much room and who doesn’t need more ornaments.

Every year, I come up with too many ideas for ornaments and gifts and run out of time to execute them all. I think this is every crafter and DIYers dilemma!

This year is no different. I’ve seen these Christmas gnomes everywhere the last 2 Christmases and have fallen in love with them. They are so cute and so so easy to make.

This would be a great project to do with kids or get a group of friends over and make these ornaments for your tree or gifts.

How to Make Christmas Gnomes

Make these super cute Christmas gnome ornaments. These are perfect to give as gifts or decorate your own tree.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

Christmas Gnome Tips:

Look for Faux Fur Ornaments

Instead of buying faux fur online, look for faux fur ornaments. I found some at Walmart. They were inexpensive.

Take the ornament apart to get the fur for the beard. I was able to get multiple gnomes done with one ornament. Since they are small ornaments, only a little bit of fur is needed for each beard.

Buy the split wood balls

There are multiple ways to make the noses for these ornaments. And I tried many different options. Trust me and buy the split wood balls.

Sure, they are a little more expensive than some of the other options, but the look is just perfect.

If you really can’t afford, or can’t find the split wood balls, try making your own with air dry clay. Or in a pinch, a large pom pom would work.

Do I need Cotton flannel fabric for the Christmas gnomes?

No, any fabric would work. But the cotton flannel has that cozy look to it. I think it looks the best, but it’s not the only option.

I was able to buy fat quarters and each one would make multiple hats. These are small ornaments, so not a lot of fabric is needed.

Christmas Gnomes

How to make a cute Christmas gnome ornament
Work Time15 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Keyword: Christmas decor, gnomes, Homemade Christmas ornament
Author: Amy Lanham
Cost: 20



  • 3 Fat Quarters Cotton Flannel Fabric Coordinating Colors
  • 1 piece faux fur
  • 3 1" split wood balls
  • 3 light bulb shaped ornaments
  • Yarn optional
  • decor for hat optional


  • Cut cotton flannel into triangles. Two triangles of each color are needed.
  • Hot glue the edges of the two of the same color fabric, gluing the right sides together, leaving the bottom open. Let set.
  • Cut the top of the triangle off, so that the top of the hat is open. Set aside
  • Cut out a beard shape from the faux fur. Fluff the fur up while cutting, so that the fur stays longer than the bottom cut.
  • Using hot glue, attach the beard onto the middle of the ornament.
  • Attach the 1" split wood ball half way over the beard.
  • Thread the ornament hanger through the top of the hat, pulling the hat right side out in the process.
  • Hot glue the hat onto the ornament, halfway over the nose close to the beard.
  • If wanted, use ornaments, felt, tree pieces, or berries to decorate the hat.
  • Instead of a beard, make braids. Braid 3 pieces of yarn. Make two braids the same size.
  • Hot glue the nose on first, to the center of the ornament.
  • Then hot glue the braids on to each side of the nose.
  • Thread the hanger through the hat, then hot glue the hat over the braids and nose.
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  1. These gnome ornaments look so cute! I have a question: do you have a pattern? I wonder how big the triangles of fabric need to be; and, how big/what shape does the beard piece need to be?

  2. I posted a comment regarding the pattern for the hat and beard but forgot about the braids. I see you use yarn that you braid, but what is the length of the yarn pieces and how many per braid?

    1. I don’t have a pattern. The hat is 2 triangles approximately 4.5 inches on each side. The beard is straight at the top and then a semi circle at the bottom and the fur hangs down over. I don’t have a specific size. The braids are three strands each. I used the ornament to measure how long each strand should be and then stuffed the excess under the hat, so the braids would end at the end of the ornament. I hope this helps!

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