Free Printable Wrapping Paper For Christmas


Looking for some free printable wrapping paper for last-minute gifts? Download and use these printer-friendly holiday designs instantly!

Hello! My name is Linda from I’ve been creating digital printables for years and love sharing them with others. Today I’ve created a set of versatile paper printables for the holiday season. For last-minute gifts and small items, you can print your own wrapping paper at home!

Evergreen plants with preview of four printable wrapping paper patterns: holly leaves, candy canes, green stripes and gold reindeer.

No matter how small in size a gift might be, I think it’s always nice to wrap it up and tie a ribbon around it. So I’ve designed four different printer-friendly holiday paper designs for you to download for FREE. Even if you are simply wrapping a last-minute gift card or IOU coupon as a gift, the extra effort of dressing it up will make the difference and show you care.

Hang a do not disturb door hanger on the bedroom door and get busy wrapping presents!

White desk with gold stars and lights decoration and four little gift boxes wrapped with pink ribbon.

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Green leaves and white bells on left border with a gift wrapped in green stripes paper and pink ribbon.

Tools Needed: 

Evergreen decoration in upper left corner on black countertop and preview of gold reindeer wrapping paper design.

How to Use printable wrapping paper

Using digital printables is super easy and convenient for last-minute gifts. When it comes to wrapping paper, we are referring to beautifully patterned designs that you can download and print at home. Not only can you use these digital designs year after year – you can also use them to make matching gift tags, for scrapbooking memories, and other paper crafting projects. Simply print as many copies of the papers as you want!

Gift with holly leaves wrapping paper and pink ribbon on top of rustic wooden surface and red berries decorations.

Get the free printable wrapping paper

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All printables from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry® are for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY.

Two wrapped gifts on a white surface: one gray box with red ribbon and evergreen sprig and one box wrapped in gold reindeer print with a pink ribbon.

Tips for using free printable wrapping paper


Whenever you print digital printables at home, be sure to choose the best quality print that your printer provides. It is not the default setting that you usually use to print written documents. When you are printing illustrations, select “Best Quality” or “Maximum DPI” depending on your specific printer menu.

Even though wrapping paper will be torn and recycled, it’s an object that we see up close, especially if it’s a small package. So be sure to print your designs at the best quality possible to get the best results.

Preview of candy canes wrapping paper on dark black countertop with pinecone and stars decorations.

Use regular paper or thinner weight

Normally, I would consider using cardstock or heavier paper for digital printables to make a sturdy art print or design. However, when it comes to wrapping paper that is meant to be folded and creased, you actually want to go with thin paper that is more manageable.

Wrapping paper is actually a different quality paper that takes creasing and folding well. So although we don’t have specialty papers at home, I have found regular copy paper works fine. It’s a balance of using paper that is thin enough to manage folding without it being so weak that it tears immediately.

Ultimately, the only issues I have run into is managing the paper too roughly when creasing and folding. You could damage the paper in the process or rub off your printed designs in the process. Just be careful and consider using a scrap piece of paper to practice, so you know exactly how you want to fold the paper.

Preview of green stripes paper on dark black countertop and evergreen decoration in the corner.

decorate and embellishment

Finally, the best tip for gift wrapping is to add some decoration to make your package unique and special. From a simple ribbon or bow to a sprig of fresh holly or evergreen leaves. These little decorations are a beautiful touch of handmade for your gifts.

When printing at home with a letter-sized sheet of paper, digital wrapping papers are most useful for smaller gifts. However, remember you can maximize the wrapping space by turning the paper diagonal rather than square – a pro wrapping tip!

Even with a limit on the size, I like to wrap individual elements of a gift separately whenever possible. You can wrap each element and put it in a bigger gift box or bag. Why? It’s more fun to unwrap more gifts, right? So, I encourage you to try this out for your friends and family and especially little kids. Why not let them savor and enjoy the holiday season just a bit more?

Small gift wrapped in candy canes paper design with pink ribbon with evergreen leaves and red berries on the side as decoration.

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What’s Next? 

Well, I hope you enjoy these free printable wrapping paper designs for the holidays. And if you enjoy using digital printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more freebies.

Preview of holly leaves paper design on black countertop with evergreen holiday decor in the top left corner.

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Preview of four paper designs: holly leaves, candy canes, gold reindeer and green stripes.

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