Christmas Waffles: Easy Breakfast to Decorate with the Kids


Use cookie cutters to transform ordinary freezer waffles into Christmas waffles. Make the Christmas waffles into trees for the kids decorate for breakfast.

Christmas Waffles

This morning we’re getting ready to decorate our Christmas tree for the season. The Christmas spirit struck and we decided to make our usual “Wednesday waffles” into special Christmas waffles by shaping them into trees and decorating them.

Ideas for Decorating Christmas Waffles

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Use cookie cutters to shape them into trees, gingerbread people, stars etc. Since we’re decorating our tree today, we made our Christmas waffles into trees. The sky is the limit with toppings. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Make it sweet. Let the kids use mini M&Ms, mini chocolate chips and syrup as ornaments. You could top it with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or caramel too.

Baby proof the Christmas waffles. For our 11 month old baby, we decorated his Christmas waffle with Cheerios and yogurt bites.

Go for fruity. Try blueberries and raspberries for ornaments.

Savor the savory. Nuts, raisins and other dried fruit would also make great Christmas waffle decorations.

Sprinkle the fun. I recently bought a six color Christmas sprinkle mix, so we used those as the final trimming of our trees.

Get creative! My three year old loved being able to decorate and eat his very own special Christmas waffle at breakfast time today. However, I may seriously regret filling him with sugar, when it comes time to decorate the tree later this morning. While we won’t make any healthy breakfast lists, this seasonal calorie splurge did bring about some giant grins for the kids!

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