Shamrock Wreath St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor


Follow this simple tutorial to create a green shamrock wreath and welcome guests with your own homemade St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor. 

Hey there Kenarry Readers! Trish here with seasonal St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor that is too fun to pass up. Think green and think front door! This easy to create festive wreath an incredibly simple way to update seasonal decor and welcome guests with a bit of Irish spirit.

Green shamrock wreath with a bow hanging on a brown wood door.

How to Make a Shamrock Wreath

This simple St. Patrick’s Day Decor comes together with Valentine foam heart wreaths. If you would like to reuse your heart wreaths consider using sewing pins rather than hot glue to assemble your green shamrock.

For another fun way to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, download these free printable St. Patrick’s Day signs.

What you need: 

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Craft SUPPLIES Needed: 

If desired: artificial flower sprigs, seasonal accessories, buttons

Three foam heart wreaths with green burlap ribbon and jute ribbon to create DIY decor.
Step 1: Lay out the heart-shaped foam wreaths and the ribbon.

shamrock wreath tutorial

Just follow each step and you’ll be able to make your own wreath! It’s so easy that you’ll want to make one of these every year.

Wrap each wreath.

Begin by securing the open end of the burlap ribbon onto one wreath by using either a dot of hot glue or by pressing a sewing pin through the ribbon and into the foam. This side will be considered the “back” of your wreath.

After the end of the ribbon is secure, wrap the loose end of the ribbon around the wreath until the entire wreath is covered in green. Be sure to keep the ribbon tight as you wrap it to ensure there is no slack. Next, cut the end of the ribbon with enough space that the end of the ribbon will end on the back side of your wreath. Then secure the ribbon to the wreath using either hot glue or a sewing pin.

Next follow the same steps to cover the two additional heart wreaths with green burlap ribbon.

Three heart wreaths covered in green burlap ribbon in the shape of a shamrock on a wood background.
Step 2: Wrap the hearts with green ribbon and tie them together.

Create a shamrock shape.

Lay out the three heart wreaths in the shape of a clover or shamrock then loop a piece of jute through two of the hearts to join them at their points by tying the jute into a knot. Do the same thing to secure the third heart to the first two creating the shape of a shamrock.

If desired, loop a piece of green burlap ribbon over the jute to hide the string then hot glue the ribbon onto the back of the wreath to secure it in place.

Add hanger and accessorize.

Next, create a hanger for your wreath by cutting a short piece of jute then securing it in the shape of a small loop to the back of your shamrock wreath with hot glue. Create a bow with the burlap ribbon and secure it to the front of your wreath with hot glue or sewing pins.

If desired, add artificial flower sprigs, buttons or other festive accessories to your green shamrock wreath.

Green Shamrock wreath made from 3 heart shapes laying diagonal on a wood background.
Step 3: Add a bow in the middle of the wreath and hang it up!

What’s Next? 

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