31 Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home


When you just can’t make it to a coffee shop, these ideas will be a lifesaver! Browse this list of easy coffee recipes that you can make in your kitchen.

As a mom, my day just can’t start without some coffee. I need that dose of energy to help me power through my morning. I’m Annie with Venture1105 and I know you are going to love this list as much as I do!

31 Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

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Easy coffee recipes for busy mornings

There are lots of reasons I enjoy making sweet coffee drinks at home. I mean, I love coffee! But there’s more. Making a whipped latte or frap at home saves me time and money. I don’t spend as much money at the drive-through.

Most of the recipes on this list are super easy to make. If you can brew a pot of coffee, then you can make these drinks.

31 Coffee Recipes You Can Make At home

It might be hard to pick a favorite – I know I couldn’t! There are coffee recipes on this list from all over the world. You’ll find hot recipes, smoothies, and iced coffee recipes.

No matter what kind of coffee you like, you will find it on this list!

1. Greek-Style Frappe Recipe

This Greek-style frappe is a frothy iced-coffee drink that is perfect if you love iced coffee. It’s more of an iced coffee drink than a milkshake.

2. Chocolate raspberry Iced Coffee

This raspberry iced coffee recipe is made with both raspberry syrup and homemade raspberry whipped cream. The iced coffee has raspberry syrup and the whipped cream is made with frozen raspberries, so the flavor comes through.

3. Chocolate Whipped Coffee Recipe

If you have wanted to hop on the Dalgona bandwagon, start here. This chocolate whipped coffee is pure indulgence. It tastes like chocolate pudding!

4. Oatmeal Cream pie Coffee

This is a dairy-free recipe that tastes like the best latte in the world. You are going to want to make this oatmeal cream pie coffee drink over and over again.

5. pumpkin mocha oreo iced coffee

This pumpkin mocha recipe is perfect all year long! It’s really rich and tastes like a dessert milkshake.

6. classic ice cream coffee from germany

This ice cream coffee is also known as “Eiskaffee” in Germany. It’s coffee on the bottom and topped with vanilla ice cream.

7. Easy Mexican Coffee

Germany isn’t the only country to make their coffee with ice cream. This Mexican coffee recipe uses ice cream and brown sugar for a sweet and frothy drink.

8. Nutella Frappuccinos

These Nutella frappuccinos taste just like a rich milkshake. If you love Nutella, you are going to adore these!

9. Coffee Lemonade

Who knew that iced coffee and lemonade tasted good together? Once you try it, you’ll want to make it again. This coffee lemonade recipe actually comes from Brazil.

10. Banana Coffee Smoothie

Make your breakfast a protein and vitamin-packed treat with a side of caffeine. This banana coffee smoothie is both sweet and filling.

11. Gluten-free Cookies & Cream frappuccino

If you want something gluten-free, make this cookies and cream frappuccino. The best part of this drink is the real cookies that are crumbled on top.

12. Southern Butter pecan dalgona coffee

Another recipe for everyone that enjoys Dalgona coffee is the southern butter pecan coffee recipe. If you want to make it dairy-free, use almond milk.

13. Vietnamese iced coffee

Here’s another coffee recipe from around the world. Vietnamese iced coffee is poured over sweetened condensed milk for a dessert-like concoction.

14. iced caramel macchiato

Cool off with an iced caramel macchiato. It tastes just like a coffee shop creation. The secret to this recipe is the coffee ice cubes.

15. Keto Caramel Macchiato

How about something that’s low-carb? This tastes amazing! It’s a keto-friendly caramel macchiato that tastes like its sugary counterpart.

16. Cereal Milk latte

Instead of buying expensive creamers, make your own with homemade cereal milk. A cereal milk latte has a unique and scrumptious flavor.

17. Copycat Starbucks Vanilla sweet cream cold brew

Make this sweet treat right at home. This copycat Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold brew tastes just like the real thing.

18. Salted cream cold foam Cold Brew

This salted cream cold foam cold brew recipe is another Starbucks copycat drink that will become another favorite. Use this cold foam on hot or iced lattes, it tastes amazing.

19. bulletproof coffee with mct oil

Have you ever heard of bulletproof coffee? Here’s how to make a really healthy bulletproof coffee with MCT oil for a nutritious start to your day.

20. Gingerbread spiced mocha recipe

Sometimes, you are just in the mood for a hot coffee drink. When you are, make a gingerbread spiced mocha. The spices in this latte will warm you up.

How about something that tastes like dessert? Your kids might want this after you make it. This cookie s’mores coffee is so rich!

22. Brown sugar iced coffee

Make something simple. This brown sugar iced coffee is so easy you won’t need the recipe after you make it one time.

23. Rolo Iced Coffee

Who else loves combining coffee drinks with candy? If that’s you, then make a Rolo iced coffee. The flavors of this iced drink will remind you of the chocolate candies.

24. Low-carb pumpkin spice frappuccino

Indulge in a cold sweet treat without consuming too many carbs. This pumpkin spice frap is low in sugar and carbs.

25. Salted caramel coffee

Perfect any time of year, this salted caramel coffee is a sweet and salty treat. The best part of it is the sea salt that you sprinkle on the top.

26. Italian coffee (Crema di caffe)

This isn’t the fastest recipe on the list, but it sure is worth the wait. Crema di caffe is a decadent dessert made with a strong espresso.

27. Toasted Coconut Iced Coffee

This toasted coconut iced coffee recipe tastes like you are on the beach! Don’t skip the step where you toast the coconut. It brings out the nutty flavor.

28. Easy Affogato Recipe

Affogato is an Italian dessert. It’s made with ice cream and espresso. Who knew ice cream and coffee went so well together?

29. Vanilla Cardamom Latte

After you learn how to make a basic latte at home, upgrade to this sweet and spicy vanilla cardamom latte. This is another latte that has lots of spice with the sweetness of the foam.

30. Date-sweetened coffee

Sweeten your coffee naturally with dates! This date-sweetened coffee recipe is sweeter than you think.

31. Coffee breakfast smoothie

Start your day with protein and fiber. This coffee breakfast smoothie is made with Chia seeds, banana, cocoa, and coffee.

Essential Tools To Make Coffee Drinks At Home

In order to make the best coffee drinks at home, make sure you have these tools. They will help you make frothy lattes and creamy frappuccinos.

31 Coffee Shop Drinks You Can Make at Home

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