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Print your own coloring page for girls with the positive affirmation “I Can Dream” to help boost confidence and self-esteem while having fun coloring.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I wanted to share my positive affirmation girl for coloring, because we all could use a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Preview of free printable coloring page for girls

I’ve always been a fan of positive affirmations – for kids and adults alike. What we hear and say will shape how we think and feel about ourselves and this world. It’s so important to give ourselves and our girls a boost of self confidence and esteem.

For years, I have been drawing little girl characters and I decided to pair each one of my illustrations with a positive affirmation.

This compilation has become a coloring book and in celebration of the release, I would like to share one page with you for FREE download.


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Preview of I Can Dream printable page



1. Download your free coloring page for girls.

Just sign-up as a Kenarry subscriber above and you’ll receive the download link in your inbox. It’s a PDF ready to be printed on LETTER sized paper. You can print as many copies as you need and have a coloring party. This is a great mother-daughter activity as well to help spark conversations about hopes and dreams.


Break out your crayons, colored pencils and markers for a session of coloring with this free printable. You can also create multiple copies in different color schemes to enjoy a crafternoon filled with the meditative and relaxing act of coloring.

After you are finished coloring, consider decorating and embellishing your work of art with glitter, gel pens and other crafty supplies you might already have in the house.

Little girls hand shown coloring I Can Dream printable


Finally, once you have created a masterpiece, remember to put this up on the refrigerator or frame it for your nursery wall. It’s a great reminder of the crafty time you have spent together and also reinforces positive statements every time you see it on the wall.


I hope this free coloring page for girls will be a fun coloring activity for you and all the girls in your life (young and old). If you want more coloring pages, consider purchasing the full coloring book with 25 different girl illustrations and positive affirmations.

Positive Girls: confidence and self-esteem coloring book

Preview of coloring book cover - Positive Girls: confidence and self-esteem coloring book

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Printable Coloring Page for Girls – I Love Myself

Preview of I love myself free printable

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