2020 Monthly Calendar Printable For Kids


Check out this 2020 monthly calendar printable, great for moms and their kids who need a large calendar to keep track of important dates.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I love sharing digital printables that help us all get creative and organized for life! Today I’m sharing a large 2020 monthly calendar printable that is perfect for little kids who need more space for writing and decorating.

Preview of January 2020 monthly calendar printed on two pages.

I’ve always been into the planning world, even before it became super trendy to have fancy personal planners and inserts. Whether you love the decoration part of planners or not, I believe planning is an important skill to introduce to your kids. You can introduce the representation of time to them in yearly and monthly spreads as well as teach them the days of the weeks and holidays.

Although they might not understand every little detail, I think the visual representation of time is truly helpful, especially for little kids. Then again, even us adults use calendars on a regular basis – so it’s for all of us!

If you are looking for perpetual planner pages to use year-round in a smaller size, check out last year’s post for the perpetual kids planner pages. You can also get the 2021 version here.

Preview of January 2020 - December 2020 monthly calendars printed on two pages with 2020 yearly overview on one page.

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What you need: 

Preview of 2020 yearly calendar overview printable.


1. Download 2020 monthly calendar printable PDF.

When you subscribe to the Kenarry newsletter, you’ll get the download link emailed to your inbox. The free PDF file contains the 2020 monthly calendar, from January 2020 to December 2020. It has been designed so that each month takes up two letter-sized sheets of paper. This gives you a large monthly calendar with plenty of room to write down important dates and schedules.

The calendar follows a Monday-start format, so that the weekends are grouped together at the end of each week. I find this format makes the most sense, especially for kids, because school starts on Monday. They can look forward to the weekend and you can give them a star sticker as they finish each week of school.

Even my 4-year-old enjoys learning the days of the week, crossing off days and adding sticker decorations. She might not understand all the details, but she can look forward to future events on the calendar.

Of course, you can also print the calendar scaled down, such as two pages on one sheet, if you prefer. The designs are also high-resolution enough so that you won’t have to worry about the quality even if you want to blow it up with large-scale engineering prints.

Don’t hesitate to create a few test prints and see what works best for your needs. The great thing about printables is that once you have the PDF, you can print as many copies as you want!

2. Planning with kids

Once you decide on the size you want your calendar, print and start your planning! My original intent was to provide this large calendar for little kids who need more room for writing and drawing. It’s a great learning tool to teach them the days of the week and start them on their planning journey.

To begin with, simply noting important school dates, holidays and birthdays are enough to keep them busy. Even though their sense of time and months might not be totally solidified at such a young age, my kids thoroughly enjoy going through the year to decorate each box that contains a special date. Birthdays are especially fun to note with lots of decoration and coloring in the box.

If your kids are too young to write the names of holidays and events, give them stickers to use as symbols for different events. Consider cakes and party decor for birthdays and themed stickers for each holiday. They can also draw in motifs or you can draw for the little ones to color in.

For older children, remember to check out last year’s post for the perpetual kids planner pages. I’ve already shared a whole set of undated planner pages for those who want to fill in the dates themselves and work on a smaller sheet of paper.

Preview of July 2020 two page monthly calendar printable with pencil on top.

3. Don’t stop with one calendar printable!

Although one copy of the calendar might be enough for your family’s needs, it’s not uncommon to print multiple copies for a variety of purposes around the house. For example, we use one calendar for school dates, holidays and birthdays. This would be the calendar we look at and cross off each day.

However, we have another copy of the calendar on the fridge for tracking meals. Especially for little kids, it’s actually more helpful to use stickers or drawings to help them understand what meals are coming up and how we can plan and track dinner options.

I can also imagine for older kids, a copy of this calendar would be helpful for tracking chores completed or similar habits that need to be checked off or crossed off daily. When it comes to building a habit, it’s effective to have a dedicated tracker to use. You can also use the calendar as documentation for gratitude or memories. With large boxes, there’s plenty of space to work with. I’m sure you can imagine there are many uses for this versatile 2020 month calendar printable.

What’s Next? 

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