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Need to keep the kids busy? Try giving them a calming activity like these printable coloring pages. I’ll also share some tricks on how to get them started.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla printable art designs. Today I’m sharing a set of fun printable coloring pages with inspirational phrases to help you and your kids have fun, relieve stress and focus on the positive!

Three printable coloring page designs with colored pencils. Image reads "Printable Coloring pages free download"

Sometimes we need our kids to entertain themselves so that we can check off our to-do lists. Other times we simply need a quiet, relaxing activity to help pass the time, as opposed to loud and messy playtime options that we simply can’t deal with at the moment.

Enter coloring pages to save the day! We all have crayons, markers and colored pencils in the house, so why not use coloring pages for a calm and winding the day down activity? Let me share a few ways to make it more fun and enticing for everyone.

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Butterfly design coloring page printable with positive message Be Kind and colored pencils.

What you need: 

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Printable Coloring pages or books:

Coloring supplies:

Watercolor paints and colored pencils with a coloring page design full of cute birds.

How to introduce coloring as super fun!

Kids probably draw and color pretty often, so at first, it might seem difficult to introduce coloring as a great playtime activity. When my kids are super active, especially in the summertime, it can be difficult to get them to calm down and sit down!

However, the trick is to introduce coloring time with a twist. Here are a few ideas to spice things up!

1. make it a game or competition

When energy levels are high, nothing like competition to stir up motivation. For siblings, it’s usually easy to get them to compete! But it doesn’t have to be about the most precise coloring, especially when there is an age difference.

Consider making it a game of various objectives. How many different colors you can use on one single page? Or what about using only one color and shading? With the accessibility of printable coloring pages, you can always find a subject that entices them to color. And you can always print multiple copies so they can create variations of the same design.

Another game idea is to put on short songs and play musical chairs with different colors. You can switch colors only when the song changes. Alternatively, use a timer to create short timeframes for switching colors.

If you don’t want your kids to compete against each other, consider using the musical chairs idea, but have them swap coloring pages. Another variation is to have only one coloring page and hand it off after each timeframe, so they have to complete a page in cooperation.

Kids scissors and markers with a printable coloring page design that features Be Strong phrase.

2. Set a MISSION FOR FINISHED printable coloring PAGES

Another idea is to set a mission they have to complete. Maybe you need the fridge door to be decorated ASAP! Or a certain wall in the house must be filled with color.

You can also have a few scenarios worked out to present to them and see if they would like to create a scene on a wall or color up certain characters. Even a series of numbers or the alphabet can be a fun set of pages to color up and display on the wall as a banner.

Displaying their coloring masterpieces gives them a boost of confidence and gets them more willing to jump into the activity. So present it to them as a privilege!

3. Offer Rewards for completed work

Of course, any task can be more approachable when there is a reward at the end. So consider offering a healthy snack or privilege at the end of a finished page. It’s an easy way to start the kids up, then they’ll get into the zone automatically.

You can also introduce the idea of a long-term reward. Create a binder or scrapbook to keep all their finished coloring pages. Then you can set milestones, such as reaching 25 finished pages gives them a special surprise.

Reaching 50 gives them something else or even a trip to the movies or similar idea. You can set these appropriate milestones depending on the age of your child.

This introduces the idea of future goals. It’s all about getting them to think forward, reinforce good habits and make coloring more fulfilling.

Colored pencils and crayons with 3 printable coloring page designs including butterflies be kind, birdies be brave and family tree with birds be strong phrases.

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