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How to Make DIY Christmas Garland with Vintage Ornaments

Learn how to make a DIY Christmas Garland with vintage ornaments. This festive project lets you display your favorite nostalgic ornaments in a modern way!

Last year, my mother-in-law gave me a set of vintage foil ornaments. With a soft spot for kitschy Christmas decor and nostalgia, I immediately knew the set would make a festive garland. If you’ve got a collection of vintage ornaments, you can easily make this DIY Christmas Garland, too!

How to make a DIY Christmas Garland with vintage ornaments

My name is Lora Green, of Craftivity Designs, and this isn’t my first project using vintage Christmas decorations (as I said… I’ve got a soft spot for nostalgia!). Our Vintage Christmas Light Wreath and Christmas Light Napkin Rings are a couple of my favorite ideas.


While my ornaments are foil, any type will do! Try vintage crochet, felt, or glass ornaments – whatever you’ve got stuck in storage. Similarly, I felt pom-pom paired perfectly with vintage kitsch, but feel free to pick the ribbon which matches your style.

Festive DIY Christmas Garland made with Vintage Ornaments and Pom-Pom Fringe

What you need: 

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Vintage Foil Ornaments, Vintage Mini Clothespins, Red and Green Pom-Pom Fringe

Craft Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 


1. Determine the DIY CHRISTMAS garland lenGth

First, determine the length of the garland.

If you aren’t sure what length it should be, layout the vintage ornaments with the spacing you’d like between each ornament. Then, hold the pom-pom fringe over it to measure, adding several inches extra on each end for creating a hanging loop.


After you’ve determined the correct length, cut the green and red pom-pom fringe to size. You want the pom-pom fringe to be the same length as your twine.

3. Tie the pom-pom fringe

Once cut, tie the pom-pom fringe together with twine at one end. Tie it near the end of the fringe.

Red and green pom pom fringe tied together with black twine

In order to tie the opposite end, hold the fringe up at the knot. This allows the red and green fringe to dangle evenly so that you can grab the opposite end and tie another knot with twine. If you don’t let the fringe dangle, you’ll likely end up with more red than green (or vice versa) between the knots.

Once each end of the DIY Christmas garland is tied, snip the loose twine strands near the knot to hide the appearance of the twine.


Now that the pom-pom fringe is strung, attach each vintage ornament using mini-clothespins.

I like clothespins because they are quick and simple (plus, clothespins aren’t permanent, in case I ever want to use the ornaments as ornaments, again!). However, the ornaments could also be attached with hot glue or tied with twine.

Vintage ornaments made out of foil laying next to red and green plastic clothes pins.


What are you waiting for?! Go dig out those old Christmas lights, vintage Christmas cards, and shiny antique ornaments. Then, place them on display with creative modern projects like a DIY Christmas Garland… and celebrate a nostalgic Christmas, this year!

How to Make a Vintage Christmas Garland

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