DIY Halloween Ghost Tassel Earrings Tutorial


Make a pair of DIY Halloween earrings to wear all October long. These cute little ghost tassel earrings are easy to make in about 15 minutes.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to make crafts. I’m Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama and I love to get ready for fall by making Halloween decor and of course, homemade costumes. It’s even more fun when I can sneak a little Halloween fun into my regular outfits, like with these DIY Halloween earrings.

DIY Halloween ghost earrings made from white tassels

I love making tassels. It’s one of those things that looks hard, but once you’ve made a few they are so easy! Plus, DIY tassels are easy to customize.

I used a whole skein of embroidery thread cut in half to make the pair, but if you want to make them really chunky, try it out with even more thread. You can also cut them to any length you like.

How to Make DIY Halloween Earrings

I made these ghost tassels white, but I adore colorful Halloween crafts and think these would be cute in other colors too.

What you need: 

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Supplies Needed: 

DIY Halloween ghost tassel earrings hanging on a fall themed coffee mug

DIY Halloween Earrings Tips:

Keep track of your small pieces

Jewelry making tends to have a lot of small parts. Gather all your materials and work inside a tray with a lip to keep small items from getting lost.

open tiny jump rings easily

Use two pairs of pliers if you have them get a good grip on both sides of a jump ring. If you make jewelry often, having a second pair will make your projects easier.

closeup of ghost earrings showing details of faces

Untangle tassels for a picture-perfect finish

Try using a comb with wide teeth to smooth out the end of your tassels before you put on the earrings to make them neater and fix any flyaway threads.

Style your DIY Halloween earrings

If you’re looking for cute outfits to show off your new ghost earrings, a simple black top is perfect. The contrast makes your DIY Halloween earrings stand out. If you’re a color lover like I am, a bright colored top and a black scarf will still add the same nice contrast.

woman wearing white ghost tassel earrings with a black scarf

Halloween Ghost Tassel Earrings

These cute little tassel ghosts make festive earring to wear for Halloween.
Prep Time5 minutes
Work Time10 minutes
Total Time15 minutes
Author: Keri Houchin
Cost: 2


  • scissors
  • jewelry pliers


  • 2 skeins embroidery thread white
  • 2 fishhook earrings silver
  • 2 jump rings silver
  • 1 Sharpie black


  • Cut the embroidery thread.
    Lay out a whole bundle of embroidery thread and carefully separate the center to make an oval. Use the scissors to cut through each end to create two long bundles. Each of these will become a ghost tassel.
    white embroidery thread bundle cut in half
  • Make the tassel shape.
    Carefully put one end of a bundle through a jump ring and slide it down to the middle. Fold the bundle in half with the jump ring at the top.
    embroidery thread folded over a jump ring
  • Tie the tassel.
    Cut another length of matching thread, approximately 3 or 4 inches long, and wrap it around the top of the tassel bundle. Pull it snug and tie 2 or 3 knots. Trim the ends.
    top knot of tassel tied with thread
  • Draw the ghost face.
    Use the Sharpie to dot two eyes and draw a mouth for the face of the ghost. Press gently multiple times to make your marks precise without the ink bleeding too much.
    Sharpie face drawn on the ghost tassel
  • Attach the fishhook earring.
    Open the jump ring just a tiny bit using the jewelry pliers. If you don’t have a pair, any needle-nose pliers will work and you may be able to do it with your fingers if the ring is thin.
    Slide the fishhook onto the jump ring, making sure the ghost is facing forward.
    Repeat steps 2 through 5 to make a second earring for your pair.
    Hand attaching a fishhook to the top of the jump ring
  • Finish the ghost tassel.
    Try on your earrings in front of a mirror and decide how much they need to be trimmed. You might want them long or short. I cut about an inch off of the bottom of mine.
    Ghost tassel with the bottom inch trimmed off
  • Fluff up the tassel and you’re ready to wear them!
    Finished pair of white ghost tassels for DIY Halloween earrings
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two white tassels with faces resemble ghosts made into DIY Halloween earrings

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