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DIY Non-Toxic Ant Spray

With spring right around the corner and the weather heating up, ants and all other types of insects will soon be out and about and trying to invade our homes! This DIY Non-Toxic Ant Spray will keep those pesky bugs out of your home!

Amanda here from Old House to New Home, sharing how to keep ants out of your home, without using the toxic sprays from the hardware store! While ant spray isn’t the most glamorous of posts, you guys loved my homemade antibacterial spray, so I hope you love this one as well!

Two Ingredient Ant Repellent That is Chemical-Free.

The best thing about this ant repellent is that it only has two ingredients! Plus, it’s safe to use around kids and all-around your house – even in the kitchen where you make your food.

A bottle of doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil.

A Natural Solution For Killing Ants

Are you starting to spring clean? As soon the weather starts to warm up, I want to clean all the things and prepare our home for the spring! We live in an old, historic home and while I love the charm and character, I don’t love all the nooks and crannies that allow bugs to get into our home!

After our first summer here, we realized that it didn’t matter how clean we kept the house, ants were still going to get in. Once they are in, it is so hard to get them out, so use this spray as a preventative and you won’t see a bug all season! If you already have ants, this will help! I sprayed this peppermint spray every 2-3 days for two weeks and the ants disappeared!

DIY Chemical-Free Ant Spray.

How to Make DIY Non-Toxic ant spray

Want to know the best part of this ant repellant? It only uses two ingredients! Have you checked out the ingredient label on the store-bought spray? There are TONS of ingredients and most are harmful! I hate spraying the store-bought stuff in areas where my kids play or where I am cooking! The store-bought sprayed are best kept outside!

What you need: 

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Supplies or Ingredients Needed: 

These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

DIY Non toxic Ant Spray Tips

Add water to bottle

Use tap water to fill your bottle. I like to make 2 cups of spray at a time. You can also use distilled water from a jug.

Peppermint Essential Oil.

Add peppermint drops

Add 5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil per cup of water.

Then, spray the ant killer wherever you find them coming into your home. As you can see in the photo below. I found a crack in some rocks in front of my house where they lived, so that is where I sprayed the most.

Pointing to a crack in the rocks where you will place the ant spray.

And that’s it! Add water and the oil to the bottle and you are ready! I love to spray this along our exterior walls and around the windows. It also makes your house smell super fresh and clean! Ants hate peppermint but I love it! You can also spray this outside. Make sure to get the little cracks like the ones in the photo above!

Add Witch Hazel to the ant spray

You can add witch hazel to this mixture. What’s great about witch hazel is that it helps the water and essential oil mix together better, with less separation. It will provide a longer shelf life for your DIY spray and will help the smell linger longer. Thereby, hopefully keeping those pesky ants at bay!

DIY Ant Spray without any chemicals
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DIY Non Toxic Ant Spray

Keep ants out of your home, without using toxic chemicals!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Keyword: non-toxic ant spray


  • Spray Bottle


  • 10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 2 cups water


  • Add water and oil to bottle. Put lid on tightly and spray around the exterior walls of your home, paying special attention to the windows and where the walls meet.
  • Store with the lid on for up to one month. Spray every 2-3 days as necessary.
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