DIY Easter Gift: Treats For My Peeps With Free Printable Gift Tag


Celebrate the spring season by giving a sweet Easter gift to friends, family and classmates. Grab some Peeps marshmallow candies and this Treats for My Peeps Free Printable to begin. 

Hey there Kenarry Readers! Trish here and with a festive spring treats party favor idea and free printable. Along with one of the colorful free printables that I created you will need those seasonal sugary marshmallow candies known as Peeps to create this Easter gift. Treats for My Peeps!

Treats for My Peeps Easter Gift with free printable gift tags on a wood backdrop.

How to Make these Easter Gift Party Favors

Keep reading and learn how you can download this free printable party favor and create your own little gifts.

What you need: 

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Supplies Needed: 

Get the Free Printable Treats for My Peeps:

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Easter Gift Assembly Instructions:

1. Download, print and cut

Begin by printing the Treats for My Peeps Easter gift tags on card stock. Next, use a paper cutter or scissors to cut out each rectangle notecard then fold the party favor tags in half and set them aside.

2. Add Peeps to clear treat bags

Then, add Peeps marshmallow candies to the clear treats bags to create your Easter gifts. For this step, I laid out three candy bunnies next to each other and then gently squeezed them together before sliding them into the clear bags. The marshmallow bunnies are sticky enough that they melded together yet kept their shapes and look absolutely adorable lined up in alternating colors.

Front & back sides of Treats for My Peeps Easter Gift with free printable gift tags on a wood backdrop.

3. Attach note cards to each Easter gift

After the Peeps have been placed in the bags fold the gap at the top of the bag in half. Next, place a folded “Treats for My Peeps” note card over the bag and add a single staple to secure the card in place and keep the party favor bags sealed.

4. Share these sweet treats & have a Happy Easter!

Give your adorable spring themed “Treats for My Peeps” to friends, family and classmates to celebrate the spring & Easter season.

Treats for My Peeps printable gift tags on a wood background.

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