Easter Bunny Gift Tags: Free Printable


Tell someone they’re special using these free printable Easter Bunny gift tags. Attach these cute notes to treats and small gifts in your child’s Easter basket.

Dress up the goodies in your child’s Easter basket this year with these free printable Easter Bunny gift tags. Tie them to candy, snacks or even a stuffed bunny to tell your son or daughter that “You’re some bunny extra special”!

Free Printable Easter Bunny Gift Tags

Easter Basket Ideas

Every year, one of our favorite Easter traditions is to put together an Easter basket for each of our sons. Our baskets are actually fabric bins that we can fold and easily store away after Easter. We also use reusable Easter grass that I knit with fuzzy yarn.

We fill their fabric Easter baskets with inexpensive trinkets, books, holiday candy, and other treats. One of my favorite non-candy snacks to put in our kids’ Easter baskets are bunny-shaped crackers.

These are such fun ideas for creating memorable family traditions at your Easter party! Coloring eggs, Easter baskets, bunny cookies, an egg hunt and more!

In the past, we’ve made Cheddar Bunny Carrots or filled small cellophane bags with rabbit-shaped graham crackers. Each year I’ve tried to create a new Easter gift tag to attach to the bag.

One year it was a cute “Somebunny Loves You” tag. Another year I made Happy Easter free printable tags featuring a rabbit on an Easter egg hunt. The Easter gift tags I shared last year said “Oh Hoppy Day” with a brightly colored Easter egg on it.

This time around, I decided to put a little spin on the “somebunny” phrasing to say “You are some BUNNY extra special.” So of course, I drew a super cute Easter bunny to go with the message! All of the Easter gift tags I’ve created are available as FREE digital downloads for Kenarry Idea Insiders.

A Easter bunny on a free printable gift tag attached to a bag of graham crackers shaped like rabbits. On the Easter gift tag, it says

How to Make special Treats with Free Easter bunny Gift Tags

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The free printable Easter bunny gift tags are designed to print on 8 1/2 x 11″ card stock using your home computer and color printer.

Free printable Easter bunny gift tags to attach to treats and goodies as a fun idea for a kid's Easter basket

What You Need:

Easter gift tags laying on a table top next to Annie's Organic Bunny Grahams


1. Get the free printable Easter BUNNY gift tags.

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Once you have the file, print the Easter bunny gift tags in color on white card stock.

A sheet of free printable Easter gift tags that say

2. Cut APART the Easter bunny gift tags.

Once you have the tags printed, cut them apart. For the straightest lines, I recommend using a paper trimmer. However, you can also be quick like a bunny and get the job done using household scissors!

Using scissors to cut apart Easter Bunny gift tags


Now, use a single hole punch to create a hole in the top left corner on each of the tags. You’ll use this hole to tie the Easter bunny gift tags onto your treats.

Punching a hole in the upper left corner of an Easter tag featuring a bunny. The tag says

4. Tie on the Easter bunny gift tags.

To tie the Easter bunny gift tags onto your goodie bags, you can either use big wired ribbon as I did or twine. For ours, there was already a convenient hole in the top of the bags of Annie’s Bunny Crackers from when it was hanging on a peg by the grocery store check out counter. This made it really easy to slide a wired ribbon through both the hole in the packaging and the hole in the gift tag.

Sliding ribbon through a hole in a gift tag to attach it to baked graham crackers that look like rabbits for Easter

After that, I tied the wired ribbon into a big ol’ cute yet simple bow. I find the best way to make a bow like this is to create two loops with each side of the ribbon and then tie those loops together.

A big bow is used to attach an Easter printable gift tag to a bag of rabbit shaped graham crackers

5. Finish attaching tags to remaining treats.

Repeat this whole process with any other treats until you have enough goodies for each of your kid’s Easter baskets.

A big bow is used to attach an Easter printable gift tag to a bag of rabbit shaped graham crackers

These free printable Easter bunny gift tags would also be great for a class treat. Pair it with this adorable Paper Plate Bunny Hat or have the kids make Easter Bunny Puppets.

Trying to avoid sugary sweets with your kids? You could also use the tags with small bags of carrots as a healthy snack for your kids.

What do you like to put in your kid’s Easter basket? Please comment below and share. We always love to hear new ideas!

Use these free printable Easter gift tags to decorate bags of rabbit shaped graham crackers for your child's Easter basket.

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Free Printable Easter Bunny Gift Tags

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