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Easy DIY Wood Wall Sconces

These Easy DIY Wood Wall Sconces are the easiest diy project ever! With only two pieces of wood and one screw or nail, you can make these adorable wooden sconces for your walls!

Easy DIY Wooden Wall Sconces

Hello! Amanda here from Old House to New Home, sharing an incredibly easy DIY project that makes a big impact! I have seen these wood wall sconces sell on Etsy for over $50! I wanted a set but knew I didn’t want to pay those costs, so I whipped up two using scrap wood, some stain I had on hand, and one screw! Easy peasy!

A wooden wall sconce holding a white candle.

A Super Easy DIY Home Decor Project – 5 Minutes

I love an easy DIY project. While I can handle some serious DIY, I really prefer those quick jobs that you can finish in an afternoon. These wooden wall sconces take less than 5 minutes to make…seriously!

Easy DIY Wood Wall Sconces

Not only do DIY projects save you money, but it is so fun to look at an item on your wall and say, Hey I made that! It is okay to brag about yourself sometimes! Especially when you are able to recreate that Pottery Barn look for so much less!

How to Make easy diy wood wall sconces

You won’t believe how easy these sconces are. I am giving the measurements that I used to make my sconces, but you could adjust the sizes for the space that you need. I had all of these supplies on hand, so definitely use what you have! If you don’t have scrap wood and don’t want to use a saw at home, you can ask them to cut down the wood at Home Depot or Lowes.

What you need: 

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DIY Tools Needed: 

  • Hammer
  • Drill (if you prefer)
  • Saw (if you don’t get your wood cut at the store)

Supplies Needed: 

  • Two pieces of 1 x 10 cut down to 14 inches long
  • Two pieces of 1 x 8 cut down to 7 inches long
  • Wood Stain ( I used Minwax Dark Walnut)
  • Stain Rag
  • Nail/Screw
  • Sand paper (optional)
  • Wood Glue (I prefer Gorilla Glue)


1. Stain your wood

Use a white stain cloth or paint brush to brush on your desired stain color and let dry.

2. Put together your two wood pieces.

Attach the smaller piece approximately 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of your larger wood piece by using wood glue. Drip a small bead of glue across the wood edge and then press onto the larger piece. Hold for 1-2 minutes or until set.

Using Gorilla glue on pieces of wood.
Glueing two pieces of wood together to make a DIY wall sconce

For more reinforcement, you can add a nail through the back of the larger piece into the smaller piece to hold it. I recommend adding a nail if you are going to place anything heavy on your sconce.

3. Sand The sconce.

If you want more of a distressed finish, you can sand the edges of your sconce.

4. Hang It Up!

Either use a drywall screw with a drill or a heavy-duty nail with a hammer and hammer drill directly through the back of the sconce into the wall.

Easy to Hang DIY Wooden Wall Sconce

And that’s it! These Easy DIY Wood Wall Sconces are so simple and don’t require any building skills! You will love the rustic warmth that these add to your decor!

Easy DIY Wood Wall Sconces

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