Free Printable Chore Chart For Families


Check out this free printable chore chart, perfect for assigning, tracking and motivating the whole family to finish their chores!

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I love sharing digital printables that help us stay on top of our lives with a dash of creativity! Today I’m sharing a printable chore chart that’s super easy to print at home for planning household duties.

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Keep your entire family on top of all their chores with some added reward motivation. This is especially great for kids, just learning to take on household responsibilities. But honestly, positive reinforcement is a great way to approach any kind of project or to-do task list.

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DIY Tools Needed: 

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How to use this Free printable

Encourage the whole family to keep on top of household chores with this free printable chore chart. It’s super easy to print out multiple copies if needed and customize for your exact needs.

This free printable chore chart design contains multiple rows to list out chores and space to check off Monday-Sunday. At the end of each chore week, there’s also space to note a reward for successfully completing chores.

You can choose to print a copy for every member of the family, so they can have a separate list to work off of, or you can combine everything on one sheet. There’s enough space in each row to note the name of the person and the chore name, if needed.

Whether you post this up on the refrigerator, laminate it for multiple uses or send digital copies to older family members who prefer digital planning, this chore chart will keep everyone on the same page and schedule.

Preview of chart design on ipad screen, sitting on wooden counter with coffee, glasses and a green plant.

Why use rewards for chores

I know there is a bit of controversy over offering rewards for chores that are “expected.” However, I believe that whether you are a kid or a full-grown adult, rewards are great motivational tools to help get things done.

Rewards do not have to be expensive material items or grand ideas. Ultimately, the gesture of the reward is recognition. Even if everyone in the family is expected to help out with household chores, it’s good to always acknowledge each person’s effort.

You can definitely brainstorm different types of rewards and throw in a few bigger celebratory items every once in a while. Also, consider rewarding quality time or events that you were planning on anyway. It’s simply a reminder that chores must be done before we go on to have fun.

I believe that especially with children, positive parenting in reinforcing good behavior is a good thing. We want to teach them responsibility and help them develop the habits of taking care of the house and daily living tasks. Once it becomes a habit, you might not have to reward them anymore!

Preview of printed chore chart stuck on silver refrigerator door.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you will find this free printable chore chart useful in teaching your kids (and sometimes adults) the necessity of daily living tasks. But remember that even chores can be rewarding. Help motivate everyone to take action and check off their lists with this printable. Enjoy! If you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for more.

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Printed chart stuck on refrigerator door with magnet.

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