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Looking for a free printable blank calendar template? Use these printables to create custom calendars for your planners and notebooks.

Hello! My name is Linda from and I design digital printables. Today I wanted to share these free printable blank calendar templates that are perfect for customizing the exact layout you prefer.

Preview of blankly monthly and year calendar templates on concrete floor with gold stars and light decoration.

When it comes to calendars, we all have our preferences in regards to the specific layout. Are you a Sunday-start or Monday-start person? I created these blank templates to be super versatile for whatever preference you might have. You can write in the information, design it digitally, or use stickers or stamps to create a completely custom calendar.

However, you can also use these blank templates for tracking habits, different checklists around the house, and with your kids as well. Just print however many copies you need.

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Succulent plants on white table with preview of monthly and yearly blank calendar template printables.

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Preview of yearly blank calendar on desk with coffee mug, planner notebook and pen.

multiple ways to use these Free printable blank calendar templates

The beauty of digital printables is the accessibility and ease of use. You can print as many copies as you need and use it over and over again. I especially love these calendar printables because they can be used in multiple ways. Think about your lifestyle and what needs documentation and tracking.

The free PDFs include a yearly calendar view and a monthly view on Letter sized paper. Notice that the monthly calendar has 6 rows for dates, so that you never have to squish two days into one box. I always prefer more space than crowding in dates. You can always decorate or just let the white space be breathing room for your eyes.

On the yearly calendar template you can write the year, month, days of week and then the specific dates. There’s a lot of room for customization to fit all types of needs. Here are a few options for using these templates…

At-a-glance calendars

First, the obvious use of blank calendars is the ability to create your own layout. You can write on a Sunday or Monday start and remember that you can also start on any date/month. Although it is traditional to see 12 months of each year in a yearly view – you can actually start mid-year or follow the academic calendar, depending on when you are reading this. The idea is to make something that suits your specific needs.

habit tracking

Calendars also work great as habit trackers around the house or in your planner. I always find things more useful when they are out and in your face. So if you want to remember to do a certain habit, put this tracker right in the location of where the habit should be completed.

It’s actually a great way to track chores or document something day by day – whether you use the yearly template for a simple dot or x to mark a day – or use the monthly view so that you can add a bit more information in each square.

Preview of monthly calendar template on desk with fountain pen ink and pens.

Checklist and art activities

Finally, I’ve always thought the calendar layout is a great way to spur on your creativity and create art on a regular basis. For example, there are a fair amount of doodle challenges on Instagram and the blank calendar template gives you plenty of room for creating a small doodle for each day.

Truly the sky is the limit when it comes to calendar templates. There’s something about having a structure, a foundation to work with. The template gives you a jumping-off point, but since it’s blank, you can definitely customize it to your own specific wants and needs. These blank calendar templates can be useful for kinds of planning or even pre-planning. Print these out and scribble away!

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What’s Next? 

Well, I hope you enjoy using these free printable blank calendar templates again and again. If you like digital printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more freebies.

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Preview of monthly and yearly blank calendar template on wooden planks with some white flowers and greenery decoration.

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