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Looking for a free heart printable to help with papercrafting projects for your kids? Check out this free downloadable PDF of heart templates, perfect for a variety of fun activities!

Hello there! This is Linda from tortagialla.com and I’m a graphic designer who loves to share digital printables. Today I want to share these heart printable pages that can be really helpful when crafting with your kids.

Preview of four heart design printables on top of wooden table with heart shaped confetti in red pink and white.

I’m always looking for fun projects to do with my kids and digital printables are really a great option to help with preparation. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthdays, the heart motif is perfect for all those occasions. So I designed a medley of heart printable pages that would be fun for everyone to play within a variety of crafting projects.

Sometimes we just need a heart template for crafting because it makes it much easier, especially for little kids to cut along a line. Other times we are looking for new ideas and so I will definitely share a few of my go-to options that can be used with this free printable as well as many others as well!

Preview of printable heart template pages on black wooden desk with red paper confetti hearts on top.

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Tips on Using these Heart Printable Pages:

Preview of mixed heart design page on white desk with row of colored pencils on the left.

Heart Crafting Templates

All types of black and white printables can be used as crafting templates, just like these heart printable pages I’ve designed. Although it might seem straightforward to us adults to fold a paper in half and cut our own heart shape, for kids it can be a bit more challenging. Especially for younger children that are just learning to use scissors, it’s better to give them a template so they can practice cutting along the line.

So whether you want to cut out heart shapes for decorations and crafting or use the heart template for glittering, this free printable is perfect with a variety of sizes of hearts on each page. You can also enlarge or shrink the pages before printing if you are looking for a particular size.

Coloring Pages

Of course, you can also use any of these heart printable pages as simple coloring pages for kids and adults. This overlaps a bit with other crafting projects because coloring pages can always be embellished as well.

The simplest option is coloring with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. However, you can also use paint, glitter, or collage elements. Especially for younger children, it’s fun to glue a variety of objects inside a simple shape to make their own piece of art. You can color or paint pasta and glue them inside the heart shape.

My daughter also loves to use up stickers by collaging them inside a shape like these hearts. These types of seemingly simple activities can be very enjoyable pastimes for a rainy afternoon or calm playtime.

Counting Games

Finally, I also like to use these heart printable pages for counting games with my kids. It’s a way to practice a bit of arithmetic while having fun and perhaps snacking at the same time!

Whether you prefer candies, nuts or pretzels, consider using a small item with these heart printable pages for some math games. I often lead my kids by telling them to add a certain number of snacks to each shape on the page, then add or take away pieces, so they can practice adding the subtracting in real-time. It’s a fun way to learn while having fun and snacking at the same time!

Can you think of other ways to use these printables with your kids in a fun and clever ways? Please share if you come up with more activities!

Preview of heart template page on top of white kitchen counter with bowl of conversation heart candies throughout.

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What’s Next? 

So, I hope you are able to make use of this free download of heart printable pages. If you like using digital printables for crafting, be sure to check out my blog for even more freebies.

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Preview of printable heart design pages on countertop with two colored pencils and heart shaped paper confetti on the left.

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