Homemade Lip Sugar Scrub: A Simple Beauty DIY


With a few easy steps, you can DIY this simple homemade lip sugar scrub. It’ll be the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine!

Hello, everyone! Lisa reporting for DIY duty and today, I am so eager to show you my latest beauty recipe. For those of you who have read my blog, Fabulous Habits, you’d know that I love diving into new beauty products. Whether it is something homemade or store-bought, I believe that incorporating healthy products is beneficial to any self-care routine. Today, I will be sharing how I make my own homemade lip sugar scrub.

A homemade lip sugar scrub made up of brown sugar and lemon extract.

I am notorious for having dry, flaky lips – and I believe it is a mix of different factors/reasons. For instance, living in a cold, dry area definitely doesn’t help. Moreover, I am not the greatest at hydrating myself at a consistent rate – this is something I know I have to change.

I’m continuously making efforts to better my self-care routine. Drinking water more often is one of my first steps. In the meantime, my homemade lip sugar scrub helps with the process of getting my lips to a healthier state.

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How to Make your own homemade lip sugar scrub

The beauty of this DIY is that you most likely have all of the ingredients in your pantry. In my opinion, the best kinds of homemade beauty products are ones that you can easily make – especially when you’re stuck in a rut. The other day, my lips were incredibly chapped; so I whipped this up and it saved the day!

What you need: 

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Kitchen or Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Ingredients Needed: 

Just a few simple ingredients to make your very own homemade lip sugar scrub


1. Scoop the brown sugar into a small bowl

Make sure that when you’re measuring out the brown sugar, it is packed.

The first step to making a homemade lip sugar scrub: adding the packed brown sugar into a bowl

2. Add honey

Add one tablespoon of honey into the bowl of brown sugar.

Step 2 is adding honey to complete your homemade lip sugar scrub.

3. Add the olive oil and mix

You will have to mix thoroughly to make sure that all ingredients are well-incorporated.

Mixing the ingredients before adding lemon extract to complete the best homemade lip sugar scrub.

4. Add your lemon extract

We went for 3 small drops. Use much more and it will be overpoweringly full of citrus.

Adding lemon extract (only a few drops!) to our super easy homemade lip sugar scrub.

5. Use and enjoy!

Scoop your homemade lip sugar scrub into a small container or a ramekin (like what we did!). All you have to do is scrub a small amount on your lips and wipe off with a damp cloth – follow with your favorite chapstick.

How long will homemade lip scrub last?

This lip scrub can be kept for up to a month in room temperature – make sure to cover it with plastic wrap when it’s not in use!

Lemon extract and brown sugar make up this perfect homemade lip sugar scrub.
Fresh lemons on a table next to some homemade lip scrub
A sugar scrub with a brown sugar and honey base - and a touch of lemon extract.

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