How to Make a Spring Topiary Thrift Store DIY


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a beautiful spring topiary using thrift store finds and a few simple craft supplies.

Hello! Michelle here from Our Crafty Mom sharing a thrift store DIY that will add a touch of springtime to your home. This spring topiary is not only easy to make but it can also be created in a color scheme that matches your home decor.

finished spring topiary on mantel

On a recent trip to my favorite local thrift store, I spotted 2 Christmas topiaries on a holiday clearance table. I’ve always been a fan of topiaries. I just think they are timeless. Each topiary was priced at $8 and was 75%. So I scored these babies for $2 each! I knew with a little love they could be turned into beautiful pieces to add to my spring decor.

set of 2 topiaries with red berries

How to Make a Spring Topiary

The great thing about this DIY is they can be made with inexpensive craft supplies that you may already have in your home. So let’s get crafting!

What you need: 

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Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

These are the ingredients you’ll need. All the exact amounts are in the printable card at the bottom of this post.

Spring Topiary Tips:

Remove the Red Berries

The first step is to remove the red berries that make this a holiday topiary. The greenery was in really good shape so I decided to keep that on. It’s a great way to save money on this project.

I’m all about reusing whatever you can while updating a thrift store find. In fact, I saved all the berries by placing them in a large ziplock bag that I can use in my holiday decor next season!

close up of red berries on topiary

Paint the Topiary Pot

Another thing that made the topiary look more like Christmas decor was the gold planter pot. It also wasn’t very springy. So I used my go-to white chalk paint to give it a quick update with a foam brush.

white chalk paint for topiary pot

This is where you can really have fun with it and use whatever color paint you like. I almost went with a pretty lilac color but decided to go with white so I can use them in any room.

close up of chalk painted topiary pot

Glue the Spring Flowers

Gather your spring flowers. I used 4 different colors of a baby’s breath style flower that I picked up at the craft store. I went with white, yellow, pink and lilac.

A bouquet of multicolored silk flowers

You can just pull the flower stems off and hot glue them around the topiary head. I went in sections dividing it by color so it would be nice and uniform.

spring flowers on topiary

Continue adding flowers until you are happy with the coverage. I decided to keep the greenery showing as I liked the contrast. But, you can add more flowers or even small bows if you like. The main thing is to have fun with it!

finished spring topiary close up

Look at how different the topiary looks just by replacing the berries with spring flowers:

before and after topiary

Add finishing Touches

To finish off the spring topiary I added a simple white bow just beneath the topiary head.

white ribbon bow for topiary

Don’t forget the bottom of the topiary base! Add some moss to cover up the old base. This really completes the topiary and gives it a more updated look.

topiary with moss on mantel

All that’s left now is to decorate with your pretty spring topiary! I hope you enjoyed this thrift store makeover. Let me know in the comments if you give this a try. Happy crafting!

thrift store topiary close up

Spring Topiary DIY

Create a beautiful spring topiary by updating a holiday topiary found at a thrift store. It's a great way to welcome spring into your home.
Prep Time20 minutes
Work Time20 minutes
Total Time40 minutes
Keyword: spring crafts,, spring topiary, thrift store, upcycled
Author: Michelle James


  • Spring Flowers
  • Moss
  • White Ribbon
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Foam Brush


  • Start by removing the red berries from the topiary.  
  • Paint the pot with white chalk paint and a foam brush.
  • Begin hot gluing the spring flowers to the topiary.
  • Continue gluing flowers flowers around the topiary until you are happy with the placement.
  • Finish off the spring topiary with a simple white bow at the base of the topiary.
  • Add some moss to cover up the old base.  
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