Quick and Easy Ideas to Update Christmas Decor to Winter Decor


Discover some quick and easy ideas to update your Christmas decor to winter decor with just a few simple tips.

Hello! Michelle from Our Crafty Mom back today to talk about how to easily transition your Christmas decor to winter decor. You really can use some of the same things and keep them out for a few more months. Here’s how.

collage of three winter decorating ideas that reads

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I find the time immediately following Christmas to be the most difficult time to decorate my home.

Once all of the Christmas decor is put away, the house seems so empty and bare.

The great thing with Christmas decorations is lots of them can be updated for winter decorating as well.

You may just need a couple of easy changes. Let me show you my favorite tips.

How to UPDATE CHRISTMAS DECor to winter

The first thing to do is to take a look at your existing Christmas decorations to see what can be updated. Here are my three easiest tips to update your Christmas decorations to winter ones.

1. use Christmas BALL ORNAMENTS TO MAKE A winter wreath

Wreaths are the most popular item to change out. If you decorate with a fresh pine wreath, you can simply add a pretty winter ribbon and a few frosted picks like I show here.

fresh pine winter wreath hanging above mantel

Or you can make an ornament ball winter wreath. I’ll even show you my favorite tutorial.

Ornament Ball Winter Wreath Tutorial 

ornament ball wreath

Craft/DIY Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 


  1. You can pick up Christmas ball ornaments on clearance at after Christmas sales, or use some of your existing ones to make an easy winter wreath.
  2. Simply hot glue each ball to the wreath base. Then use a pretty ribbon for hanging.
  3. I always pick up red ornaments to make a Valentine’s Day wreath, or pink, white and silver like this pretty heart-shaped ornament ball wreath:
heart shaped ornament ball wreath

2. Decorate with bottle brush trees.

Bottlebrush trees are something that can be used all winter long. I have a slight obsession with bottle brush trees, especially white ones.

Look how pretty the flocked bottle brush trees look on my mantel:

A bottle brush tree on a decorated mantle.

And in a beautiful winter tablescape:

Bottle Brush trees on a table hat is decorated for Winter.

Make a statement by grouping several trees together in a basket with poly-fil to look like snow:

green trees with poly-fil

3. Add a winter sign.

Chalkboard signs are extremely popular and so easy to make. Update a Christmas chalkboard to a fun winter wall sign like I show here:

A chalkboard sign that reads

This winter chalkboard sign is something that could be kept up all season long.

These are three quick and easy tips that are budget-friendly and will look great in any home decor style.

collage of threee winter decorating ideas

I hope you enjoyed these fun winter decorating ideas. Have a great day!

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