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If you’re investing in an iPad for your family, you’ll need the best protective iPad case for kids. We highly recommend Gripcase.

iPad Case for Kids

Once you’ve made the decision as a parent to allow your toddler access to an iPad, the next natural question is: “How do I prevent the iPad from being destroyed?” That is the exact question that we struggled with when we made the decision to allow our oldest to use our first generation iPad on a limited basis. And so began our search for the best iPad case for kids.

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Investigating iPad Case for Kids Options:

The Internet was our first stop in researching different iPad case for kids options, and let me say there are A LOT of different options to protect your iPad. A quick Google search or Amazon search will yield dozens of options for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, iPad Mini, etc. You could (and we did) spend all afternoon looking at different options and reading the reviews. In fact, we found ourselves a bit overwhelmed and suffering from a minor bout of “analysis paralysis” as we weighed price, functionality, reviews, and aesthetics. As we considered our options, a thought occurred: “With  the prevalence of tablets in schools, I wonder how they protect them?” A trusted teacher friend who deals with this exact issue pointed us to the Gripcase for iPad. We ordered the Gripcase and anxiously awaited arrival.


Initial Observations of Our iPad Case for Kids:

IMG_6501When our red Gripcase arrived my initial impressions were as follows: (Keep in mind that I’m engaged in product design professionally, so I’m typically on the critical side when it comes to product evaluations)

  1. Material – the case is a single piece of injection molded foam.
  2. Origin – The part was made in China.
  3. Craftsmanship – There were a couple of rough spots at the mold parting line where excess material was present.
  4. Design – Functional and Focused. This case is designed to protect your electronics from a 3-year old. I appreciate the fact that they did not compromise on protection in order make a slimmer case.  In addition to providing very functional holds for adults or children, the handle features on each side of the Gripcase create a built in shock absorber in the event the iPad is dropped.  The corners are very well protected and the screen is set back from the foam so that even a direct drop on the face will likely not result in damage.
  5. iPad Case for KidsSize – It’s bulky. It adds a couple of inches of material around the entire perimeter of the iPad. Because of the way we use the iPad, a small case wasn’t one of our prime criteria, so this didn’t bother me.
  6. Color – I wasn’t impressed with depth of the red. Our Gripcase was bordering on pink. But this seemed to bother me more than anyone else, so I got over it.
  7. Fit – Excellent. The cover easily stretched to allow the iPad to slip past the undercut in the foam then snapped back to fully encapsulate the edges of the iPad.
  8. Protection – Excellent. This video totally sold us on the product and says it all:

Grip Case iPad Demo from Daniela Erasmus on Vimeo.

Observations of Our iPad Case for Kids After Two Years of Use:

iPad Case for Kids

  1. Durability – Excellent. The Gripcase has held up wonderfully. The molded foam has not degraded, ripped, or torn despite being abused by a 3 year old.
  2. Protection – Excellent. While I can’t say we were bold enough to intentionally perform the same drop test as the gentleman in the video above, I can say that our toddler had no qualms about testing the case to its fullest. There have been at least a half dozen instances where the Gripcase almost surely prevented screen or edge damage to the iPad.
  3. Functionality – Excellent. The handles have proven even more useful than I initially thought they would be. Not only do they allow for easy grip from a toddler, it’s also quite convenient for a mom or dad with full hands and provides a great hanger for the iPad. We actually use it to strap the iPad in our minivan for long road trips. The case itself is also quite useful for multiplayer iPad games where passing of the iPad is required. The case slides easily without worry of damage and can be easily maneuvered by grabbing any side of the iPad.


Despite my initial misgivings on the craftsmanship and color of the product, I fully endorse this product. In the grand scheme of things those two items are a bit nitpicky. If you’re looking for an iPad case for kids, the primary concern is keeping your electronics safe and giving your child every chance to keep the unit in their hands and not on the floor. The Gripcase gets an A+ in both of those core functions. I highly recommend this product!

Note: Gripcase also offers a protective iPad case for kids for the iPad mini.

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  1. Could not agree more with endorsement of this case! Currently have it on almost 200 elementary ipads and…. knock on wood… we have had NO damaged ipads in almost two years of use! Love the company!

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