Make Your Own Coasters Easily: Free Tutorial


You can make your own coasters in no time at all by following this super simple free tutorial. Perfect for using up fabric scraps!

Hey y’all, it’s Cat from Mary Martha Mama.  I’m back today with a fun fall sewing craft. I don’t know about you but for me, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up with a nice warm drink in the fall. Today I’m going to share with you how you can make your own coasters so you have a place to put down those mugs of hot chocolate and tea.

The make your own coasters sitting on a table with a mug on one

Since it’s fall I chose some cozy fabrics out of my scrap collection but you can completely change the look of the coasters depending on the fabrics you use.

How to Make Your Own Coasters

You can also change the size of your coasters according to your preferences but still apply the sewing process from the tutorial.

What you need: 

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CrafT Tools Needed: 

Supplies Needed: 

  • fabric scraps (you need 2 pieces of fabric of that measure 5 inch square for each coaster)
  • insulated batting (you need 1 piece of insulated batting that measures 5 inch square for each coaster)
  • coordinating thread


1. Prepare and Cut Your Fabrics

Wash and dry your fabric for the outside of the coasters. The awesome part about using scraps for sewing is that you already washed them when you originally used them in another project so you get to skip this step!

Then cut out two 5 inch circles out of the outer fabric and one 5 inch circle out of the batting. The easiest way to do this is to find something in your house that’s a 5-inch circle (like a small bowl or vase) and trace around it. Then cut along your lines.

Circles cut out of the batting and the bowl used to trace the circles sitting on a cutting mat
The circles cut out of the fabric

2. Make A Stack

Lay down one of the outside fabric circles with the right side up. Then lay down the second outside fabric circle on top of it with the right side down. Then lay the circle of insulated batting on top of those two. Pin or clip the three layers together before you sew.

One of the outside fabric circles sitting on the cutting mat with the right side up
the second outside fabric circle on top of the first, with the right side down
the last layer of the stack, one circle of insulated batting

3. Sew Your Stack

Now you are going to sew almost all the way around the border of the circle, sewing 1/2 inch from the edge. You will not sew all the way around the circle. Leave about 2 inches unsewn. Also, remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of stitching.

the stack of 3 circles clipped together with a line drawn on top showing where to sew around the outside border

4. Notch It

So we are eventually going to turn the stack right side out but before we do you are going to need to cut some triangular notches around the edges of it. Why? We notch around the edges so that the coaster will lay nice and flat after being turned right side out. Be sure when you are notching that you don’t cut into your thread.

the circles sewn together and then notched around the edges

5. Turn It Right Side Out

Turn it right side out by sticking your fingers in between the two outer fabric layers and pulling the insides to the outside through the hole you left in your stitching.

pulling the stack right side out

Use a corner turner or the end of a pencil to help with pushing all the edges out.

6. Press It

Give it a good pressing with your iron. Tuck in the bit that sticks out of the opening into the inside and give it a press. You might need to fuss with it a bit since it’s a curve.

the stack of circles turned right side out and pressed with a bit sticking out of the unsewn area
the coaster pressed with the bit of fabric tucked in

7. TopstitcH IT

Topstich all the way around the edge, sewing 1/4 inch from the edge. Don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end of stitching. Clip your threads and you’re all done with this easy sewing project! Go enjoy a warm beverage on your new coasters!

the completed make your own coasters with a mug
a close up of the make your own coasters

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  1. Two things I love about this craft. First, you can use up some of your leftover fabric scraps, but you could also use a fabric from an old shirt, or from a piece of clothing that has sentimental value, such as the shirt your grandfather used to wear. Second, I think this type of coaster actually absorbs moisture, unlike so many other types of DIY coasters. I hate it when I pick up my glass and the coaster sticks to the bottom of my glass for a second, but then it drops off and clatters to the ground:)

    1. Hi Seana,
      I totally agree. This is a great way to use scraps from sentimental fabric pieces. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

      Best wishes and happy crafting!
      Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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