Quick And Easy Hand Lettered Drink Coasters (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Create your own hand lettered drink coasters with this super simple tutorial. It includes step-by-step instructions plus the free download!

Hello, Kenarry readers! It’s LZ Cathcart from The Summery Umbrella, and I am bringing you another super easy DIY project that could even double as an amazing gift. With the holiday season just around the corner this project will definitely be one of those that you’ll want to add to your list of “must do’s”. 

For instance, add a few of these hand lettered drink coasters to a basket, a couple of mugs, a yummy blend of your favorite gourmet coffee, and you have the perfect gift for one of your co-workers, neighbors, or friends that  enjoy a good cup of joe!

Create your own hand lettered drink coasters with this super simple and easy tutorial. It includes step-by-step instructions plus the free download! These homemade coasters are the perfect gift this Christmas holiday season! #diyhomedecor #homedecor

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Quick and Easy Hand Lettered Drink Coasters (FREE DOWNLOAD)

drink coaster

My husband and I just recently moved into a new house, and with any new house you find neat, little “treasures” from the previous owners. For example, a few weeks back as I was cleaning and decorating above my kitchen cabinets I found these tropical drink coasters. 

While the graphic and coloring isn’t my style I just knew that they would come in handy for a DIY project! However, if you don’t have any coasters on hand you can just as easily use wood squares as well.

What You’ll Need: 

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diy hand lettered drink coaster


1. Clean and paint your drink coasters

Just like with any DIY project you’ll want to clean off your drink coasters with soap and water to ensure that the paint will adhere to it. 

Then, add one coat of your white paint to each coaster. You’ll probably need a few coats to evenly cover your old background, but it’ll ultimately depend on the prior graphic that is on it.

how to create hand lettered drink coasters

2. Download the drink coaster template 

After your coasters have completely dried (at least a few hours!) it is now time to cut out the template and add it to your coaster.

If you haven’t already go ahead and download the drink coaster template from the supply list above and save it to your computer. 

custom drink coasters

3. Cut out the drink coaster templates

Using your Silhouette CAMEO cut out the drink coaster template with the vinyl on your mat.

personalized drink coasters

Need help cutting out the template? Watch this video for step-by-step instructions!

4. Remove your vinyl from your mat

After your design has been cut out remove the vinyl from your mat, and apply your transfer tape to the vinyl side.

Next, remove the backing from your vinyl, and carefully remove the vinyl pieces around the design.

hand lettered drink coasters diy

5. Apply the design to your coaster

Carefully line up your vinyl with your coaster so it will be applied evenly, and then firmly push it down with your squeegee.

6. Remove your transfer tape

Next, slowly remove your transfer tape so that only your vinyl is left on your coaster.

hand lettered drink coaster tutorial

7. Apply your top coat

For this step you can use just about any top coat or protectant, but just make sure that it is clear. Personally, I used a favorite that I had on hand that I recently used for my kitchen cabinet update.

After the first coat has dried go ahead and add one more coat and let it dry.

drink coaster how to
diy coffee coasters

And that my friends… is all it takes! Wasn’t that easy? Not too much painting, or even a crazy amount of steps. This project could definitely be done in less than a day!

Create your own hand lettered drink coasters with this super simple and easy tutorial. It includes step-by-step instructions plus the free download! These homemade coasters are the perfect gift this Christmas holiday season! #coasters #homemadegifts

It was so nice to “meet” you again, and I’ll see you again next month about this time 🙂

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