Minions Birthday Cake: Easy Despicable Me Party Idea


Create a fun and festive Minions Birthday Cake using frosting, toy figurines and candy eyeballs. This easy Despicable Me party idea will be a blockbuster hit with your kids!

When it comes to our boys’ birthdays, I like to keep things as simple and easy as possible. One of my favorite ways to do that is to use toys to decorate birthday cakes. It’s so much easier to think of the birthday cake as a back drop or stage. Then I use toy figurines or game pieces to set the stage and create a scene in whatever themes my sons choose for their birthdays. Today, I’ll show you just how easy it is with this simple Minions birthday cake idea.

Calling all Minions fans! If you love the Despicable Me movies, this super easy Minions Birthday Cake decorating idea will be great for a kids birthday party.

Using toy figurines on birthday cakes has become such a common practice now in our home that my oldest son (who we refer to as C1 on the blog) actually thinks about the toys when he thinks about what he wants on his birthday cake each year.

When he was three, I made a Mickey Mouse map cake. For his fourth birthday cake, I created a stage cake for the Muppets. He chose to have me make an Angry Birds Cake for his fifth birthday. Then last year, it was a Star Wars birthday cake when he turned six, complete with both a “light side” for The Force and a chocolate half for the Dark Side.

Love this idea for a Star Wars birthday cake! Half the cake is dark chocolate and half the cake is light and showcases my child's favorite characters, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, C3PO and Darth Vader.

I think the only times I have not used toys on C1’s birthday cake was for his first and second birthdays. That first year of motherhood, I was ambitious and created an adorable bear shaped birthday cake. Then his second year, I made a Curious George cake out of frosting. If I knew then, what I know now…. it could have been SO MUCH EASIER!

So needless to say, I was thrilled when C1 told me he wanted a little Despicable Me birthday party this year when he turned 7. I knew it would be SUPER easy to find Minions online.

If you enjoy the Minions, you'll love this super easy Minions Birthday Cake idea for a kid's Despicable Me party.

C1 was clear though — he only wanted Minions on the cake for our small family party. He did NOT want characters on his birthday treat for school. Much to my dismay because I really, really wanted to make these adorable Minions Twinkies with a free printable I found on online at

Instead for his classmates, he had me make Monster Cupcakes with swirl frosting and googly candy eyes which I shared on the blog last week. I thought those same colors and googly candy eyes would work great for his Minions birthday cake too.

Blue and green swirl frosting with festive sprinkles and candy eyes make cute alien or monster cupcakes for a birthday party or Halloween treat.

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How to Make a Minions Birthday Cake

Making a Minions birthday cake for a Despicable Me party is very easy. You just need a cake mix, some frosting, candy and figurines of your child’s favorite Minions characters.

What You Need

If you enjoy the Minions from the Despicable Me movies, you'll love this super easy Minions Birthday Cake idea for a kid's party.


1. Bake the Minions birthday cake

Prepare and bake the cake following the directions on the cake mix box or use your favorite homemade recipe.

Tip: To keep the top of your Minions birthday cake flat, wrap your cake pan with a long strip of an old terrycloth bath towel. Before you wrap the towel around your cake pan run it under cold water and wring it out with your hands. Use a safety pin to keep the towel securely in place.

As you can see in the photo below from another birthday cake I’ve made, doing this helps the cake to cook more evenly. Otherwise the outer edges cook first causing the batter to rise in the center.

Muppet Birthday Cake: A Star-Studded Showstopping Stage -

2. Frost the cake

Mix white frosting with blue food coloring in a small bowl. Use a knife or small spatula to spread the frosting evenly across the top of the cake. To prevent cake crumbs from getting in your frosting, it’s best to start in one corner and then work your way across. Always move the knife or spatula in the same direction.

Blue frosting helps the yellow Minions toys to stand out on this easy Minions Birthday Cake designed for a kid's Despicable Me party.3. 3.Add decorative frosting and sprinkles

Next mix white frosting with green food coloring. Snip off the corner of a cake decorating or piping bag. Insert a simple cake decorating tip in the bottom of the bag. Then fill the bag with the green frosting. Use the green frosting to spell “Happy Birthday” across the center of the Minions birthday cake. You can also use it to create a swirly frame around the outer edge of the cake.

Use frosting and sprinkles to dress up a Minions Birthday Cake for a Despicable Me party.

Add sprinkles and candy eye balls around the outside edge of the Minions birthday cake. I like how the candy eyes look just like Minion eyes!

Candy eyeballs add a little extra something to this easy Minions Birthday cake for a Despicable Me party.4. Position the Minions figurines 

Next place the toy figurines where you want them on the Minions birthday cake to create a little Despicable Me scene.

A plastic cake carrier with a lid keeps this Minions Birthday Cake fresh until it's time for the Despicable Me party.

I ended up putting four of the toys in the upper left corner of the Minions birthday cake.

Small Minions toys are used as easy decorations for a Minions Birthday Cake. If you're hosting a Despicable Me party, this dessert will be perfect!

Then I put the remaining Despicable Me Minions in the other corner. I love how it looks like Siren Bob is now shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”

Young and old alike will love this Minions Birthday Cake. It's decorated with small Minions toys to create a festive dessert for a Despicable Me party.5. Store the cake until it’s party time

After I decorated the Minions birthday cake we had several hours before our little Despicable Me party. I like to place birthday cakes on a flat cake carrier with a lid so we can protect the cake until party time. It also works great for storing leftover birthday cake for later.

After the party, just wipe the Minions figurines clean with a little soap and water. They’ll be as good as new, so your child can play with them and act out their favorite scenes from Despicable Me.

Other Despicable Me Party Supplies

We had a small party with family to celebrate our son’s birthday. Beyond the Minions Birthday Cake, I was able to find these other fun Minions party supplies to set the theme. Our 7 year old was thrilled with these:

Minions paper plates and napkins go perfectly with this Minions Birthday Cake for a Despicable Me party.

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Does your child love the hilarious Minions from the Despicable Me movies? Learn how to make a super easy Minions Birthday Cake for a kid's party with this cake decorating tutorial.

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