Paper Crafts: Make Pretty Summer Table Decor


Create pretty summer table decor with paper! This easy tutorial shows you how to brighten up your summer table with cute table settings made from paper bags and card stock.

Did you know that June is traditionally the month for family reunions?  In our house, that means fun family gatherings around the campfire, lots of great food, music, and fun.  And even though we are often traveling, I love to set up a fun festive table.

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Here is a great paper craft project that combines the fun with a bit of creativity to make your own pretty summer table decor with brown paper bags and brightly colored decorative tape.

Planning a picnic or a small gathering is even more fun when you have neat little packages for your napkins and plastic ware.

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How to Make Pretty summer table decor

And finally summer is here! After such rotten beginning of 2020, we could all certainly use some sunshine. This is Suzy from SuzysSitcom and I do love a good paper craft. Let’s make some fun table decor to brighten up our summer table!

colorful pinwheels as utensil holders

What you need: 

rolls of duck tape and washi tape on a craft table


Here’s how to make your own summer table decor! You are going to love it.

Folding a paper bag

1. fold the paper bag

Place the paper bag with the bottom side up. Begin by folding the bottom of the bag up about 4″.  Press the fold to create a crisp crease.

Adding decorative duck tape to the paper bag

2. add decorative tape

Cut a piece of the wide decorative tape long enough to overlap both sides of the bag.  Fold the edge of the tape over the top of the flap, and then fold the edges over the sides of the flap.

Adding washi tape to the paper bag

3. tape the sides to create a pocket

Cut a piece of the narrower tape long enough to overlap the top and bottom of the flap on the side.   Place along the side of the flap.  Fold the top and bottom of the tape over the top and bottom of the flap, then fold the side over the back of the bag, creating a pocket.

Duck tape and washi tape on a folded paper bag

Repeat with the other side.  You now have a pretty pocket!

Adding burlap ribbon to the paper bag

4. Using burlap ribbon

To create a place setting using the burlap ribbon, follow the steps above. In place of the wide decorative tape, use the burlap ribbon. Use hot-glue to attach it to the front of the pouch.

Cutting out paper pinwheels

5. how to create paper pinwheels

Now let’s make the pinwheels!  Cut a 4″ square of colored cardstock.  Draw a line from each corner, creating an X.  Draw a circle in the center.  Then cut along the pencil lines, stopping at the circle.

Folding craft paper to make pinwheels

Add a drop of glue to the center, and then pull one of the corners to it.  Allow to dry, then move to the next one.  Once you have each corner glued in place, a pinwheel forms!

Pinwheels and burlap ribbon on utensil holders

Glue the pinwheel on to the bag, and add a pretty gemstone to the center with hot glue.

Paper Crafts: Summer Table Decor

Just add pretty matching napkins and plasticware and you have some cool party table settings!  What I love about them is you can make them in most any design or color pattern.  (You don’t know how close I came to making them zebra print!)

Perfect for a fun summer picnic! Take some time and enjoy your summer. You deserve it!

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