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Add refreshing new artwork to your home with this free printable world map design – multiple options to choose from!

Hello, my name is Linda from and I’m a digital designer who creates printable downloads to share. Here’s a set of printable world map wall art pieces I designed that can help freshen up your home decor. Printable wall art is also an economical way to create gifts for friends and family!

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Preview of world map in black/gold, pink glitter and navy blue gold design styles.

I believe there’s nothing classier or more chic than a world map art piece for your home. It’s fitting for all spaces of the house and can be either masculine or feminine to suit your tastes. I decided to design a few color options to fit a variety of situations, so you can readily use this printable world map design for both decoration and gift-giving!

Pink glitter world map design in a white frame on geometric wallpaper above wooden drawer with white vase and ornamental flowers on the left.

What you need: 

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Preview of black and gold world map design in white frame on wooden table with vintage camera and photos on top, camera lens on the bottom off the edge.

Using These Printable World Map Wall Art Designs:

Printing Wall Art At Home

Once you sign-up above, you’ll receive a PDF containing all three world map designs. You can choose your favorite design or use all three of them for different rooms of your house. When it comes to using printable art, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

My golden rule is to always print with the highest print quality setting possible on the best quality paper possible. For color artwork, you can print on high-resolution cardstock or photo paper to get the best result. With technology these days, even printing at home is high in quality. Your only constraint is the size that you can print with your home office printer.

So if you want a large size or if you prefer to outsource the printing, send the file to your local print shop. They can easily print the artwork at your specified size on nice paper for framing and display. It’s also a nice option for when you need to create many prints, creating gifts or party favors, for example. Compared to buying original artwork, it’s much cheaper to print artwork yourself!

Wall Art Framing & Hanging Options

Once you have your printable world map design printed out, then you only need to consider framing and hanging options on your wall space. I personally prefer white or neutral frames that enable the artwork to shine. However, you will have to consider the space and color theme of your home when thinking about frames.

Additionally, it’s been trendy to consider different hanging options for gallery walls besides traditional frames. You might use clear acrylic options or even wooden poster hangers. They can create a very interesting look and feel for decoration to break up the monotony of another frame on the wall. There are definitely a lot of options, so don’t hesitate to look up poster hangers.

Preview of pink glitter world map design in a white frame on kitchen wall behind wooden table.

Wall Art Gift Giving Tips

Finally, always consider creating gifts and party favors with any printable art piece you have downloaded on your computer. Any beautiful printout can be framed and elevated into a wonderful gift for friends and family.

I have always loved the idea of party favors and sometimes a printout inside a miniature frame with some candy or themed snack item would be adorable as a gift! Especially when we travel and find it difficult to find useful souvenirs for relatives. I often prefer perishable goods, so they can enjoy an exotic snack. And I often like to pair these seemingly small gifts with a little framed artwork in the theme of worldly travels – so these printable world map designs would be a perfect match.

Gift boxes wrapped in kraft paper on top with navy blue gold world map design in a white frame on the bottom.

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What’s Next? 

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Preview of black and gold world map wall art on white desk with view of keyboard, glasses, clips, plant and mouse.

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