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Here are five paper crafts to create with printables (+ free downloads). Make practical tools for everyday use as well as home and gift items using paper!

Hello, this is Linda Tieu from tortagialla and I wanted to share a variety of paper crafts with you today. They are super easy projects for everyday crafting fun as well as last-minute gift giving.

Here are five paper crafts to make with printables (+ free downloads). Make practical tools for everyday use, like notebooks, stationery, gift wrap, and more as home and gift items using paper!

There is something amazing and wonderful about paper because it’s such an accessible material that can lead to so many different DIY crafting projects. I’m definitely a paper lover and I especially love printing my own designs to match my project theme.

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Optional supplies:

For the five paper crafting ideas I’m sharing, here are the supplies I have personally used. However, you can definitely grab from your own stash and use whatever supplies you see fit.

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5 Easy and Fun Paper Crafts For Adults

All of these paper crafts are easy enough for kids but adults enjoy them too!

1. DIY Paper notebooks

Whenever I spot a pretty piece of paper, one of my go-to paper projects is to make a paper notebook. They are super handy for jotting down ideas, lists, and notes. Keep them around the house, in your car, and in your purse for quick access.

A pink DIY paper notebook

This paper DIY project is great to work on with the kids as well. When you make your own notebooks, you can choose your cover design and what type of paper you prefer inside (blank, lined or a mix of colors).

It’s as simple as gathering your papers together, folding them in half and binding them together. If you want a large notebook, you’ll probably need a long-arm stapler to reach the center of your papers.

However, you can also sew through the center if you have a sewing machine or bind by hand with needle and thread. Since these notebooks are meant to be everyday use items, you don’t have to worry about fancy bookbinding techniques. I treat these books as consumables, ripping pages out as I use them.

A gift bag filled with a DIY paper notebook, washi tape and pens.

Here’s the notebook I made with the free printable paper designs for Kenarry subscribers. I’ve printed the design with my home printer, added blank pages inside and stapled through the center with a long-arm stapler.

And for a bonus idea, you can make a bunch of these and wrap up a set to make a cute gift for a friend. It’s easy to add a few pretty pens and cute stationery supplies to make this an adorable gift item.

2. Make Your Own Stationery sets

Since we are on the topic of gifts, another great paper craft idea is to make stationery sets with your favorite papers. It’s simple to trim pretty papers to greeting card size, add envelopes and put together a stationery set as a gift item.

An overhead view of green homemade stationary with envelopes.

I like to create sets with a variety of papers because it gives your recipient different cards to choose from, rather than repeat designs.

If you are printing your own paper, be sure to use cardstock that is thicker and more suitable as greeting card stationery. You can even embellish the cards, however, I find decorative blank notecards to be the most useful for a household. They can be folded cards or notecards with one side patterned and the other side blank for writing.

A notecard made out of pink card stock with the words love, laugh, give, hope, inspire, believe, printed on it.

Create a set of 6-8 pretty notecards and tie them up with ribbon to make a homemade gift. Stationery sets from printables can be a great last-minute gift item for teachers and friends.

3. Printable Wall art

I often come across paper designs that I love so much, they can definitely be framed and put on the wall. And that is exactly my third idea for papercrafts – make it wall art! When it comes to home decor, sometimes you want something that is more textural to decorate with. Instead of an eye-catching focal image, pretty paper designs can give you just the right effect.

3 examples of Wall Art | Frame printables to use as instant wall decor.

Perhaps you have a busy gallery wall and need to add in some pattern pieces to break up the visual grid. Pattern designs and single colored papers make a great addition to your lineup of gallery wall pieces.

Or sometimes you want to fill up a wall with a coordinating color, without taking away attention from statement furniture pieces. Patterned papers can help you with that decor issue, creating a beautiful backdrop.

So don’t discount the humble piece of paper and how much dimension and interest it can add to your home. Again, a framed piece might also serve as a last minute gift.

4. Gift Wrapping & DIY Paper Party Favors

When it comes to gift-giving, probably half of the joy is in the packaging itself. Pretty wrapping matters because it’s the initial presentation and first impression of your gift. And that’s where printable papers come in handy. You can find a variety of designs available online and print them only when you need them.

Use paper to make homemade Gift Wrapping | Use printable paper to wrap small gifts or party favors.

Of course, this idea applies only for smaller gifts that can be physically wrapped with a sheet of paper (or however large your printer prints). But there are few ideas that make this idea possibly better than traditional gift wrapping techniques.

After choosing a design that matches the occasion or tastes of the recipient, I like to sew a bag with my paper to create a pillow-pouf effect. You are basically sealing the ends, one side folded up and down, the other folded left to right, so you get an instant puffed up shape.

A closeup of DIY party favor gift bags made out of paper.

This is a great idea for small gifts and party favors. You can also leave one side open to seal with a sticker or ribbon instead of sewing. Feel free to add stickers or embellishments to dress up your packages as well. I love using this idea for grab bag items when you have to create many duplicates.

5. Origami Paper Crafts

Finally, when it comes to paper, origami is a classic paper crafting pastime. It’s a fun way to fold origami with your kids and use the most common material you always have at home – paper!

Even if you only use white paper, origami creations can be fun to make… but if you print your own digital designs, it’s instant origami paper to match your project idea.

Origami | Fold this star masu box for candy and party favors.

For beginners, this easy origami corner bookmark is a fun project!

I enjoy folding notes to level up my snail mailing game, as well as folding origami boxes to hold candy and treats. Refer to step-by-by instructions from origami books and try to find something for kids or beginners, because it’ll be a lot easier to complete. Advanced origami books exist, but they require a lot more patience!

With a sheet of square paper and a couple of folds, you can have fun and create something useful. There are many online tutorials as well, so a quick search online will help you find the origami project you need.

What size of paper is best for paper crafts?

All of the crafts I described here use 8.5×11 inch paper. This is the most common size of scrapbook paper that you’ll find in the craft store.

It really is amazing how many things you can create with just some pretty paper!

Want more ideas for paper crafts?

These are only five of my go-to ideas for using pretty paper, but the sky is truly the limit. Paper is such a beautiful and versatile material to use in crafting and DIY projects. Cut, trim, fold, glue and use your creativity!

From paper garlands to tags for gifts to paper embellishments for journals, planners and home decor… what will you create with your pretty papers? I hope you are ready to print out the free printables for Kenarry subscribers and start crafting today.

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