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Use these free printable gift certificates to give the gift of experiences to your loved ones. DIY IOU coupons are great for all occasions.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and today I wanted to share a few different gift certificate printables that can be used for presenting experience-based gifts to your loved ones.

Preview of free download with multiple pages of gift certificate template designs.

Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on giving the gift of experiences, rather than physical items. Especially when you have a large family, kids tend to accumulate so many toys that they can’t even play with all of them fully. Whenever possible, I choose to give an experience rather than another toy. From tickets to museums, IOU favors or time-related gifts. I find that they are often even more appreciated!

You could even pair a gift certificate with a gift card to a specific event or venue and use a printable gift card holder!

Download the free printable Gift Certificates

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Preview of classic full-page gift certificate design printable.

Tools Used: 

free printable gift certificate instructions:

1. Download and print Preferred designs

After signing up for the download above, you’ll get a link to PDF file via email from Kenarry. All the gift certificate designs have been formatted to fit on Letter-sized paper, so you can pick and choose the designs you prefer and trim to size. I use my home printer to print on white cardstock to get a thicker end product.

However, you can also send the designs to your local print shop or online service to be professionally printed. With the digital file, you can use these gift certificate templates as many times as you want and also in bulk for classrooms and youth groups! For younger children, even a voucher coupon for playtime is a great idea for gift giving!

Preview of cute bunny and florals designed printable on wood tabletop with succulent plant.

2. decorate and/or frame

To add an extra special touch, consider framing the certificate, so you can wrap it up as a traditional gift and also decorating with other craft and art supplies. I find that my youngest daughter loves a touch of glitter or a special sticker. That little extra effort really makes the gift unique and you will see their eyes light up upon receiving the certificate.

I have used these templates for birthday presents, vouchers for cinema, play gym time, arcade visits and ice cream shop outings as well. Not only do they make great experiential gift ideas, but they also make great reward coupons for a job well done or as payment for chores.

I’m a total believer in positive parenting and using rewards, especially for activities that you would have participated in anyway! Highlighting the fact that an activity is a reward or special event, gives them more meaning. Your kids will be more grateful and look forward to these special experiences together!

Preview of floral designed printable on desk with pencils and watercolor art pieces.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you enjoy using these free printable gift certificate designs. Remember to print and use them time and time again and if you love printables, be sure to check out my blog for more.

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