Pumpkin Garland Fall Paper Craft


Use your favorite scrapbook paper to make this adorable pumpkin garland. It’s the perfect fall paper craft to add to your farmhouse decor!

This pumpkin garland is a simple craft that you can display all season long. Keri from One Mama’s Daily Drama here. This month I want to show you how to make a cute pumpkin garland using an unexpected shape – eggs!

Pumpkin garland fall paper craft made from paper egg shapes and clothespins strung on jute cord.

Grab your scrapbook paper and some jute cord to make this pumpkin garland. It’s perfect for adding a bit of seasonal decor to your mantle, a wall, or even your front door.

This tutorial is super easy with the help of a printable template. If you don’t want to use a printable, you could also substitute an egg shaped stencil or cookie cutter that you already have.

My favorite part of this craft is the scrapbook paper. I can’t resist pretty paper, so I’ve got a ton in my stash. For this fall craft, I wanted to match my other seasonal decor, so I went with blue, orange, and brown.

Use whatever scrapbook paper matches your fall decor. You could also go with traditional orange, but I recommend at least mixing up the paper patterns and textures to make it interesting.

If you had fun making this pumpkin garland, be sure to check out my Christmas gingerbread cookie garland too. It uses a similar technique.

Closeup of a flat paper pumpkin made from 3 egg shapes cut from blue flower print paper.

How to Make a Pumpkin Garland

Turn this into a Halloween garland by using solid colored paper and drawing jack o’lantern faces with a black marker.

What you need: 

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Craft Tools: 


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Blue and orange scrapbook paper cut into paper pumpkin shapes and pinned on cord .

Pumpkin Garland Craft Tips:

Trim paper for your printer.

You can use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut the paper to fit through your printer. This is usually 8.5×11-inches. Since most scrapbook paper is 12×12-inches, I just cut mine to 8.5-inches wide. The extra inch on the length wasn’t an issue.

Choose a template.

I included 2 different templates in the download. The first page has enough 3-inch tall eggs to make 3 pumpkins; the second page has a single 3-inch, 5-inch, and 7-inch egg in case you want to make different sizes.

Print on scrapbook paper.

Some printers don’t like to play nice with anything but traditional printer paper. Thin paper works best. Thicker paper (similar to card stock) should still work, but your printer may spit it out a few times before it prints.

Orange paper pumpkin with a lined pattern and a blue ribbon on the clothespin stem.

Glue the shapes together.

To assemble the pumpkins, turn the eggs with the big end at the bottom – or change it up and make them different. It’s totally up to you!

Space the pumpkins on the Jute cord.

You can put the pumpkins as close together or far apart along the cord as you like. Mine are about 6 inches apart.

Scrapbook paper pumpkin garland hanging on a pine wood cabinet.

Pumpkin Garland

Prep Time10 minutes
Work Time20 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Author: Keri Houchin
Cost: $5



  • 1 printable template
  • 5 sheets scrapbook paper
  • 48 inches blue ribbon 1/4 inch width
  • 7 miniature clothespins
  • 48 inches jute cord


  • Trim scrapbook paper to print size.
    Start by choosing your scrapbook paper pieces and cut them all to fit through your printer.
    Trim scrapbook paper to fit printer.
  • Print the template onto the paper.
    Next, download and print the template on the back side of the paper. You may need to check your printer setting to make sure you add the paper facing the right direction.
  • Cut out and assemble the paper pumpkins.
    Use scissors to cut out all of the egg shapes. You’ll need 3 for each pumpkin. To assemble them, lay 2 beside one another, then apply glue to the back of the third. Press that egg shape into the center on top of the first pair.
  • Make tiny bows.
    To make decorative bows for the pumpkins, cut a length of ribbon about 6 inches long. Tie and shape it, then glue it to the bottom of a mini clothespin. Repeat to make a bow for each pumpkin – or leave some without bows.
  • Assemble the garland.
    Finally, bring it all together. Cut a length of jute cord however long you want your garland to be. Mine is 4 feet long. Use the clothespins to clip each paper pumpkin onto the jute. Display your finished garland!
    Paper pumpkins attached to garland with clothespins.
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DIY fall pumpkin garland.

What’s Next? 

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