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Recycled Crafts: How to Emboss Aluminum

Embossing disposable aluminum cookie sheets is an easy technique that results in amazing and unique art. Learn how to emboss aluminum with this simple tutorial.

This is Suzy from Suzy’s Sitcom. One of my specialties is Recycled Crafts. I love to take throw-away items and create something special. It would be fun to share with you my technique for embossing disposable aluminum pans, and include a couple of free patterns for you to try it out for yourself!

How to emboss aluminum

This project uses just a few supplies and the end result is a unique metal piece. It is hard to believe that this started out as a disposable aluminum cookie sheet!

A woman with a chicken on her shoulder

We have been living and working on a farm for almost a year now and chickens are kind of a big thing here. I have baby chicks in my kitchen, eggs in an incubator, and about 20 adult chickens outside in the coop. The photo above is me and Clyde, my friendly rooster. Since I’m all about the farm life right now, I thought I would put together a couple free patterns for you featuring chickens!

how to emboss aluminum

The finished project is a fun addition to your wall. There are so many possibilities with this embossing process!

Embossed aluminum wall art of a chicken and a rooster

What you need: 

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how to emboss aluminum

Sketching out a chicken and some eggs

1. trace the pattern onto the aluminum

Place the pattern on top of the aluminum pan. Lay the aluminum pan on top of a folded towel and use the end of a paintbrush or a pencil point to press the design into the metal.  (You do not need to press hard).

Embossing disposable aluminum cookie sheets is an easy technique that results in amazing and unique art.  Learn how to emboss aluminum with this simple tutorial.

Repeat for the second pattern.

A piece of aluminum in the process of being embossed

2. How to finish the edges

Use a ruler to measure around the embossed pattern 9″ x 12″ and mark the aluminum by pressing a paintbrush end along the ruler. Cut along the line with scissors.  Take the ruler and score 1/4″ from all four sides of your square using the paintbrush end.

Fold the metal over carefully along your scored seam.  This will create a smooth finished edge for each picture. Now you are ready to emboss!

Close up of a rooster that was embossed in aluminum

3. How to emboss the aluminum

Keeping the pan on the folded towel, use the end of a paintbrush handle to gently rub indentations into the metal where you want them.  The more you rub, the deeper they can be, just be careful not to use a ton of force as the aluminum is very thin metal. There is no right or wrong way to do this.  Just emboss the design in the way that you would like. 

I chose to emboss all of the lines of this drawing.

The backside of a rooster pressed in aluminum

I then flipped the piece over and embossed on the back in order to make the chickens more 3D. You will be surprised at how versatile this metal is.

An embossed sheet of aluminum in the shape of a rooster

Once the picture is embossed to your liking, it is time to go to the next step. This is the completed rooster, ready for paint.

Painting a rooster black on a sheet of aluminum

4. Add paint to bring out details

To give it more depth and add a rustic look, use acrylic black paint. Add paint into the embossed lines.

Wiping off excess black paint

Wipe off the extra paint while it is still wet with a paper towel, leaving paint in the crevices.

How to emboss aluminum

To add a finishing touch to the artwork, paint an 11″ x 14″ canvas black and then use E6000 glue to adhere to aluminum to the canvas.

These pretty chickens will make a great addition to my farm house kitchen.

Love the look of embossed metal? 

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