Easy Reindeer Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments


We all have Jenga blocks lying around the house. I’m sure the kids won’t mind giving up a few blocks to make these cute reindeer Jenga blocks Christmas ornaments. This is an easy enough craft for your kids to make without help!

Hey there, Kenarry family! My name is Marina, and you can find me over at my family lifestyle site, Mommy Snippets. I love easy crafts, especially if my kids can jump in and make their own with little help from me. This sweet reindeer Jenga blocks Christmas ornament craft is just that- easy peasy!

Reindeer Jenga blocks Christmas ornaments: an easy Christmas craft tutorial.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, and honestly, if my husband gave me the green signal, our Christmas tree would be up by now! Decorating our Christmas tree is one of my favorite family traditions, and now that the kids are older, they like to take charge when decorating the tree.  

I love store-bought Christmas ornaments, but there’s nothing more special than a homemade ornament.

I’m a firm believer in being as frugal as possible when it comes to the crafts we make, so this craft makes use of something most households have lying around in a games closet or at the bottom of the toy chest-

Jenga blocks!

How To Make Reindeer Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments.

This simple tutorial will help you make a basic reindeer Jenga block Christmas ornament, so yes, there’s lots of room for your family to be as creative as desired to allow their personalities to reflect through each reindeer ornament!

What you need: 

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Craft Tools: 

supplies needed to Reindeer Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments


Tutorial Tips:

Use wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon is easier to manipulate when shaping the ornament loop or while getting the muffler to stay a certain way.

Now if you’re using supplies in your home and don’t have wired ribbon, regular ribbon will work too.

one reindeer jenga blocks Christmas ornament

Use fine tip sharpie markers, if available

Fine-tip markers will make drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth easier. I didn’t have fine-tip markers so I had to take a little care not to press the marker onto the wood.

Pressing the pen’s nib on the wood can cause smudging.

drawing eyes, nose and a mouth on the reindeer Jenga blocks Christmas ornament.

Shaping the reindeer’s antlers

Measure the length of the antlers as desired and bend this into the shape of a “V”.

brown pipecleaner antler for a reindeer Christmas ornament

In addition to the pipe cleaner “V”, cut off two small 1/2″ pipe cleaner bits to wrap near the tip of either side to form a 2 edged fork.

reindeer jenga blocks Christmas ornament

Ensure the glue gun is hot before use

This tip may seem like an understood given but it’s a tip that speeds up many a crafting process. So heat that glue gun, before you start making your reindeer ornaments.

Allow room for creative expression

Each reindeer ornament will be different from the other. That’s the beauty of handmade ornaments!

2 handmade reindeer jenga blocks Christmas ornaments

You can choose to paint each Jenga block a light brown color. Remember not to make this too dark as it will be hard to see the reindeer’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Feel free to use wiggly eyes and a red pom-pom if you choose not to draw the eyes and nose.

To add more color to your growing reindeer family, use different colored or patterned ribbon for each ornament.

Be as creative as you want!

All set to make your Jenga blocks Christmas ornaments?

Here’s a printable tutorial for you.

Reindeer Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments

This easy reindeer Jenga blocks Christmas ornaments tutorial is such a fun way to get the family involved in making this year's Christmas ornaments!
Work Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Author: Marina John



  • 1 Jenga block
  • 1 brown pipe cleaner (chenille stem)
  • 1 black Sharpie marker
  • 1 red Sharpie marker
  • 1 wired ribbon (1/2" wide)


  • Take 1 jenga block and place it on the table.
  • Using a black Sharpie marker, draw the eyes and mouth of your reindeer. (Note: Position the eyes, nose and mouth to the center of the Jenga block.)
  • Using the red Sharpie marker, draw an oval nose and color it in.
  • Next measure the ribbon (7"-8" in length) to wrap around the block to form a muffler at the bottom of the Jenga block. (Note: This does not need to be hot-glued to the block.)
  • Measure 7"-8" to form the ornament's loop on the top of the Jenga block.
  • Hot glue the surface of the top of the Jenga block and carefully stick either end of the ribbon to form a loop.
  • Measure approximately 3.5"-4" of brown pipe cleaner. Shape it into a "V"
  • Now cut two small 1/2" brown pipe cleaner pieces.
  • Carefully wrap one piece near one end of the "V' to form a 2-edged fork.
  • Repeat this step for the 2nd piece. Your reindeer's antlers are now ready!
  • Finally, hot glue the antler onto the ribbon loop on the top of the Jenga block. (Note: Make sure you position this near the front end of the block and adjust the antlers so they don't stand directly under the loop.)
  • Repeat the steps above to make more Reindeer Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments.
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Your family will come up with fun ways to add character to their reindeer ornaments! Would you tag us on Instagram when you make these?

We would love to see your reindeer Jenga blocks Christmas ornaments.

Reindeer Jenga Blocks Christmas Ornaments.

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