Scrapbooking: Six Great Reasons to Go Digital


With children at home, finding time to scrapbook can be daunting. Here are six reasons to chose digital scrapbooking over the traditional paper method.

Six Reasons to Choose Digital Scrapbooking

As a wife and mother, I consider myself the family historian. It’s my job to be the “mammarazzi” capturing our special life moments in photos and then artfully and carefully preserving them for years to come. With young children at home, finding time to scrapbook can be daunting.

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6 reasons to create a Digital Scrapbook

Here are six reasons why I chose digital scrapbooking over the traditional paper method:

1. Digital scrapbooks don’t need tools and supplies, except for a computer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the fun embellishments, fancy papers and special scissors and cropping tools. I could get lost in the aisles at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for hours at a time if someone would let me.

But once you have all the supplies, you need ways to organize and store them so they’re ready when you are – and you need to remember what you have!  With digital scrapbooking, you just need your computer. This also means you can easily work on it whenever you have an hour or two of spare time without having to bother with getting out all the supplies and tools.

2. Digital scrapbooks take up less room on bookshelves.

My most recent scrapbook has 90 pages. If I used a traditional method of scrapbooking, I would need a binder that’s several inches wide. My printed digital scrapbook is less than a half inch wide, taking up much less space on a bookshelf or storage bin.

3. Digital scrapbooks can be ordered in multiple quantities.

I started digital scrapbooking the year we had our first child, so I only printed one copy of the album that year with the intent of handing it down to him someday when he’s older. Now that we have two children, I still only have to go through the effort of designing the album once, but can print multiple copies so that I have one to give to each of them.

4. Designing pages using digital scrapbooking software can be quick, easy and flexible.

There are many great online tools to create beautiful scrapbooks. Personally, for the last three years, I’ve been using Picaboo for my annual family scrapbook. There are many reasons why I love Picaboo, but mostly it allows me to crop, re-size and reposition photos on a whim, choose from a multitude of page backgrounds or import my own and to reorder pages.

5. Digital scrapbooking can be cost effective.

I’m not going to lie; with 90 pages, my most recent digital scrapbook cost $109.99. However, I had a Groupon that gave me a credit of $70 at Picaboo for only $19. I still had to pay an additional $39.99 to cover my cost above and beyond the Groupon voucher. That means my total cost for the album was $58.99; or $0.66 per page. A traditional scrapbook can cost far more than that by the time you print your photos, buy your papers, embellishments and all the tools.

6. Digital scrapbooking gives you a built in backup.

When unexpected damage occurs to your scrapbook (fire/flooding/a three year old!), it’s much easier to reproduce an album that was created using a digital scrapbooking tool.

What do you think? Do you prefer one method over the other to capture your family memories?

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