Cute Printable Birthday Stickers


These cute printable birthday stickers are great to stick onto a birthday gift, especially when you’re rushing out the door and can’t find a birthday card! The best part is they’re free to download and print!

Hey there! Have we met yet? If not, my name’s Marina. I’m the founder and creator of the family lifestyle site- Mommy Snippets. I started publishing as part of the Kenarry Creative Team late last year and have enjoyed sharing my resources with the Kenarry community since. You can find my craft tutorials and free printables here. I can’t wait and share my newest project with you- printable stickers!

These stickers will look perfect on some printable birthday invitations – don’t you think? Or save on colored ink and print black and white stickers.

Cute Printable Stickers

I designed these birthday stickers to keep on handy because they’re cute and quick to put onto a gift instead of a card. Plus, have you noticed how people don’t give out as many birthday cards now versus several years ago?

If you’re a teacher, daycare owner or homeschool coop leader, these are sweet stickers to hand out to the birthday children in your class, along with a prize of their choice from the prize box.

Besides, how could anyone turn down an adorable seal sticker, right?

I love these Cute Printable Stickers, but Where do I start?

Contrary to what anyone will tell you, printing stickers from the comfort of your home can’t be easier!

Would you believe all you need is four things, no tech or design expertise, just the four things mentioned below. That’s it!

Cute Printable Stickers for Birthdays

What you need To Make These Birthday Stickers: 

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cute printable stickers sheets

Is there A way I need to feed the sticker paper into my printer?

This would depend on your printer. I like to run a test print through when I try printing on new paper for the first time. This way, I know whether to feed the sticker paper face up or face down. Each printer varies, so test yours out before running several copies of this sticker sheet.

Do I need a special machine to cut the stickers?

Not at all. I believe in creating projects, printables, and crafts that can be done using what is easily available in your home or available to purchase at a low cost.

The way I designed the stickers is with a square outline to make life so much easier for you. Cut around the outline with a scissor to separate each sticker.

Cutting the Cute Printable Stickers for Birthdays

Or use an Xacto knife to be able to lightly cut around just the sticker image and not right through the transfer paper. This way, all the stickers stay on the sheet and you can peel and use each sticker when needed.

Okay! I’m ready to print these Cute printable stickers. Now what?

The easy part!

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5 cute printable stickers

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