22 Insanely Creative DIY Home Organization Hacks


How do you keep your home organized? From the kitchen to the porch, these DIY home organization hacks will inspire you today.

Use everyday items from around your house to create some DIY home organization hacks. These 22 ideas will transform your home immediately.

How do you keep your home organized? From the kitchen to the porch, these DIY home organization hacks will inspire you today.

22 DIY Home Organization Hacks

How are you organizing your home? Do you go room by room, or just attack problem areas as they come up?

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for more ideas. When what I’m doing isn’t working very well, a few fresh tips can make all the difference.

Every one of these 22 ideas are shared with the blogger’s permission. They were submitted to Kenarry. Each idea links to the original blog post where you can learn how to do the corresponding hack.

1.) Fridge Odor Remover Spray

Homemade fridge odor remover spray

While it isn’t necessarily home organizing, cleaning and getting rid of odors is just as important. This DIY fridge spray from Petro contains vinegar and essential oils. Using it just a few times will leave your fridge clean and smelling fresh.

Get directions: The Seaman Mom

2.) Laundry Hacks

Awesome Laundry Hacks for People Who Hate Laundry

Do you need some ideas to help you stay on top of your laundry? The Medium Sized Family has a list of hacks that will inspire you, including a few that keep the laundry organized without sorting.

Get directions: Medium Sized Family

3.) Wood Pallet Shoe Rack

DIY Easy Pallet Shoe Rack

This hack is perfect if you collect shoes by the front door. It can fit right on your porch, inside the door in your mudroom, or even in your coat closet. Turn a wood pallet into a shoe rack.

Kreativ K made an easy and functional shoe storage rack with one pallet and a little bit of paint. No power tools included!

Get directions: Kreativ K (As of 11/14/2019, this tutorial is no longer available.)

4.) How to Stop The Tablecloth from Flying Away

Stop Your Tablecloth From Flying Away

Another DIY home organization hack is to help your tablescape stay in place.

Instead of relying on plates and cutlery to keep your tablecloth in place you can make your own inexpensive tablecloth clips that fit your decor and keeps your tablecloth from becoming a parachute.

Get directions: A Crafty Mix

5.) Upcycled Food Storage Lid Organizer

Default Alt Text

Keeping the lids for food storage containers organized can be a nightmare for any kitchen. Here is how to keep them organized using a functional, DIY, recycled container.

Get directions: Borei Design

6.) Denim Pocket Organizer

Denim Pocket Organizer

This pocket organizer is a helpful upcycled jeans projects that really shows off the varieties of denim styling. To complement the rustic upcycled look of this organizer the crafter used a wooden branch as a hanging tool.

This is probably one of my favorite DIY home organization hacks, because it takes things you have plenty of – old jeans – and uses the pockets for storage.

Get directions: Pillar Box Blue

7.) DIY Pull Out Trash Can Cabinet

Hide your Kitchen Trash Can with a DIY Pull Out Cabinet

Hide your trash can in a cabinet, using this handy tutorial that allows you easy access that slides out of sight. Even beginning DIYers will be able to do it.

Get directions: The Handyman’s Daughter

8.) Upcycled Denim Draft Stopper

DIY Denim Door Draft Stopper

Like many old houses that cling on to their original fixtures the wind howls through the gaps in the old doors and the windows rattle. To minimize the draughts, make your own DIY draught excluders or draft stoppers for all your doors and windows. They are made by upcycling old jeans.

Get directions: Pillar Box Blue

9.) DIY Rolling Pantry

How to build your own Rolling Pantry!

If you need extra storage space in your kitchen, build this rolling pantry. It is a simple weekend project and will help you organize all your dry goods in one place.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

10.) Glass Jars Bathroom Organization Hack

Reuse Old Glass Jars For Bathroom Organization

If you don’t save some of your old glass jars, you might want to think twice about tossing them in the recycling bin next time. This project uses some old glass jars and vintage knobs to help corral those frequently used bathroom items to get them out of the cluttered drawer and organized in a decorative way.

Get directions: Refresh Living

11.) DIY Kitchen Wall Organizer

Let's Make a Wall Organizer

Build a wall organizer like this one to store electronics, or to compliment your command center.

For under $20, this modern organizer has hooks, shelves, a cork board, magnets — a place for everything!

Get directions: Flipping the Flip

12.) Do A Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover: How to find more light & create new storage space

Sometimes, you just need some DIY inspiration. These pictures from The Chelsea Project are perfect. It shows how she added more light and room to her pantry, so you can do it too.

Get directions: The Chelsea Project

13.) Make Your Own Granite Cleaner

Cleaning & Caring for your Granite Counters

Did you know that all those household cleaners for granite countertops are not what is best for your stone? You will be surprised how easy it is to care for your countertops on a daily basis. You will also save money by learning how to reseal your granite once a year.

Get directions:Simple.Home.Blessings.

14.) Creatively Cover Up Electrical Panels

Default Alt Text

An electrician installed unsightly electrical panels next to a front door. See how this homeowner covered it and still kept the room looking stylish.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

15.) DIY Phone Charging Station

How to make a DIY Phone Charging Station

Creating your own DIY Phone Charging Station has never been easier with this simple and quick tutorial. It’s a great recycling project and a lovely gift idea too!

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

16.) Upcycled Ladder into a Shoe Rack

How to turn a ladder into a closet shoe rack

Who knew an old wooden ladder is the perfect way to store shoes and scarves? Upcycle wood ladders with this creative hack.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

17.) DIY Herb Drying Rack Out of Office Binder Clips

Default Alt Text

Drying your own herbs gives you fresher, more robust spices. All you need to create your own herb drying rack is a wood board, some screws, and a few paper clips.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

18.) DIY Pencil Organizer – Out of Paper Tubes

DIY pencil organizer with recycled paper tubes

Need a little help to keep all your pens, markers and pencils organized? This Easy DIY Pencil Holder is a great project to make with recycled toilet paper tubes.

Get directions: Creative Homemaking

19.) DIY Toilet Paper Holder out of Wooden Toy Blocks

Blocked Up: DIY Wooden Letter Block Toilet Roll Holder

Grab some wooden letter blocks and a handful of colored pencils from the playroom and easily create a unique toilet paper roll holder for the kids bathroom that is both functional and fun.

Get directions: Dazzle While Frazzled

20.) Make a Recipe Holder

What's Cooking? Recipe Holder

Need help keeping your recipe cards clean while cooking? Here is an easy DIY recipe holder made out of a pants hanger! Hang above your cooking space for easy access and to protect from splatters.

Get directions: My Life From Home

21.) Easy Hanging Scarf Organizer

Easy Hanging Scarf Organizer {One Hour & $25}

If your scarf collection is a mess of fabric stuffed in a box, you need to create this super simple scarf organizer that keeps them all organized neatly on the inside of your closet door. This organizing project was well worth the bit of time and money it took to do.

Get directions: The Small Stuff Counts

22.) DIY Coat Rack in the Mudroom

Adding coat hooks, hat racks and baskets to a mudroom or back hallway is a great idea to create organization out of chaos.

Finally, for a really simple DIY home organization hack, make your mudroom a place you can store all your outdoor gear. Check out the before and after and see what a difference a few hooks and baskets can make.

See the before and after mudroom transformation.

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How do you keep your home organized? From the kitchen to the porch, these DIY home organization hacks will inspire you today.

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