22+ DIY Home Projects Anyone Can Do


Are you ready to make some changes to your house? All of these ideas are simple DIY home projects that you can do in a weekend!

As the weather gets warmer and you start opening up the windows and letting the sunshine in, you might feel that itch. That desire to redo something or change things around your home. This makes it the perfect time for some new DIY home projects!

22 Plus DIY Ideas to Do This Summer featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Easy DIY Home Projects That Make a Big Difference

If you don’t have time for a huge renovation project, don’t worry, neither do we! That is why everything on this list is simple enough to finish in a weekend.

Even if they are simple, these small changes will make a huge difference in your home. Find one and try it out! Then come back and try a few of our Summer DIY Projects.

1. Update Kitchen Cabinets Yourself

Before and after kitchen cabinets updates.

These 80’s kitchen cabinets, with almond melamine doors and oak trim grab bars, are the worst! Luckily, it’s easy to give them an update that will completely change the way they look. These handy tips will help you bring your kitchen into a new century!

Get directions: The Handyman’s Daughter

2. Build a Rustic Sink Base

How I built my own rustic sink base for our kitchen!

This is a simple project that will make your kitchen or bathroom feel even more rustic and charming.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

3. Paint Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming

How to Paint Cabinets Without Sanding or Priming

If your outdated kitchen cabinets needed a new look on a budget, then try this idea. This is the perfect solution that will allow you to get professional results without priming or sanding.

Get directions: Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

4. Build a Rustic Entertainment Center

Building a Rustic Built-In Entertainment Center - DIY home projects you can do

This built-in entertainment center is one of the more difficult projects on this list. Under cabinet lighting was an easy addition that made this project perfect.

Get directions: DIY Danielle

5. Make Your Own Outdoor to Indoor Furniture

Turning indoor furniture into outdoor furniture - DIY home projects

Transform a wooden sofa and rocking chair from indoor furniture to outdoor furniture for your deck! You can even make them in your favorite colors.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

6. Create a Star Wars Painted Dresser

Star Wars BB8 Droid Hand Painted Dresser

This tutorial will take you through every step so you can have a stunning BB8 dresser just like this one.

Get directions: Just a Little Creativity

7. Update a Tall Jewelry Box

Turquoise Two-Door Jewelry Cabinet

This is a project that will only take you a few hours. All you need is some chalk paint and metal sheeting.

Get directions: Duct Tape and Denim

8. Alice in Wonderland Bookcase

Alice In Wonderland Bookcase

Give an old bookcase an Alice In Wonderland makeover with chalky finish paint and decoupage. This project takes a bit of time, but it’s worth every minute you spend on it. Perfect for a kids room or your magical workspace.

Get Directions: Mark Montano

9. Paint Fabric on an Upholstered Footstool

A before and after painted footstool

Did you know you can actually paint fabric? This tutorial shows you how to redo furniture without any sewing.

Get directions: The Magic Brush

10. Antique Desk Makeover

A wooden desk with grey drawers and gold handles.

A little bit of polish and a wonderful grey paint brought out the modern sophistication of this piece. Even the beginner DIY diva can transform furniture like this in a few steps!

Get directions: Craving Some Creativity

11. Children’s Distressed LEGO Desk

This desk was a thrift store find that was distressed and turned into an amazing Lego desk. All of the storage in the desk allows for a place to store Legos when they aren’t in use. The distressed paint on the desk even hides all of the bumps and bruises that occur when a piece of furniture is used by a 4-year-old.

Get Directions: DIY Danielle

12. DIY White Kitchen Renovation

Our DIY White Kitchen Renovation-- The Reveal!

With chipping paint, broken drawers, and outdated features, this kitchen was in desperate need of an update. Learn how to give your kitchen a complete overhaul.

Get directions: Just a Girl and Her Blog

13. DIY Wine Cellar

A DIY Wine Cellar

This project shows a home-assembled wine rack and a beautiful wine painting! In the description, you’ll find tips on exactly how the wine rack was assembled, and what the recommended strategies are.

Get directions: Wine Cellar Innovations

14. Update Brass Fireplace Trim

A fireplace

The brass on fireplace trim can really give a room a dated feel. The solution is easy and fast…paint it with grill paint. The link includes lots of detailed directions, pictures and tips.

Get directions: The Magic Brush

15. Boho Bench Makeover

Turn a plain bench into a colorful boho seating area on your patio or porch!

Get directions: Mark Montano

16. No-Sew Lap Desk Tutorial

DIY No Sew Lap Desk Tutorial

Make your own customized no-sew lap desk instead of purchasing an expensive generic one! By doing it yourself, you can pick your own fabric for the desk cushion so it will match any decor. This quick project makes a great gift for any laptop owner in your life. Working from your seat never looked or felt so great.

Get directions: Day to Day Adventures

17. Build Your Own Closet Doors

How to build your own inexpensive closet doors!

You really can make your own closet doors with just some extra boards and sheer fabric.

Get directions: Grandma’s House DIY

18. Make Personalized Map Chairs

These gorgeous map chairs are really easy to make for very little cost. They are also extra special, as you can make them with maps that have great sentimental meaning to you.

Get directions: Pillarboxblue.com

19. Make a Giant Chalkboard for Your Home

A huge DIY chalkboard on the wall

Learn how to make a ginormously huge chalkboard for your house. This is perfect for kids’ artwork or reminders like birthdays.

Get directions: The Magic Brush

20. Make a DIY Nightstand

Pottery Barn Knockoff: DIY Nightstand

Create this gorgeous Pottery Barn Knockoff DIY Nightstand in a day. That’s right! Super affordable and super easy. All you need is a TV tray, and a few simple items to get it done!

Get directions: The Summery Umbrella

21. Queen Anne Table Makeover

a DIY home project - Queen Anne night table

All it takes is some paint to redo a nightstand like this. It looks like a whole new piece and adds a fun pop of color to any room while still keeping some of that Queen Anne charm.

Get directions: Green With Decor

22. Makeover Your Stairs

If your stairs only exist to get you from point A to point B, you’re missing out on some serious fun. Stairs present a unique opportunity to add character and charm to your home. Plus, staircases are often front and center in architecture, making them a fantastic candidate for an interior design focal point.

See the ideas: Inline Design

23. Create a DIY Backyard Playground

Backyard Playground: How to Create a Park for Kids - Kenarry.com

Create your own DIY Backyard Playground to entertain the kids. This is an easy construction project with simple materials for a playset and large sandbox.

Get Directions: Ideas for the Home By Kenarry

DIY Home Projects You Can Do

All of these projects are simple and yet make a brand new statement. Try one or all of them and take charge of your home. Turn your house and yard into the home you always dreamed it would be.

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22 Plus DIY Ideas to Do This Summer featured on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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