Quick And Easy Free Beach Decor Printable


Decorate your house in a snap with this free beach decor printable. Simply print out the printable, add shells, place in a frame and enjoy!

Hi again, Kenarry readers! It’s Lisa from Life on Merlin with an easy way to add some nautical decor to your home! Decorating your home is a snap with this free beach decor printable!


Free Beach Decor Printable

I love spending time by the ocean whenever I go home to see my parents in Florida, so I thought it might be fun to bring a little bit of the beach into my home. You can easily do the same with this beach decor printable!

Beach Decor Printable

What You Need:

  • 1 – 8×10 Frame
  • Acrylic Paint (if you decide to paint the frame)
  • The Relax Unwind Beach Decor Printable (see instructions below for how to get yours!)
  • Shells and/or Tiny Starfish

Download the Free “Relax unwind” beach decor printable

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What You Do:

1. If you want your frame a different color, go ahead and paint it. I bought a black one from the Dollar Store and wanted it to be a pretty nautical blue. It took a few coats since it was plastic, but it was worth it.

Free Beach Decor Printable Paint

2. Print out the Beach Decor Printable on white cardstock. If you have to adjust the printing settings, adjust them to 8 x 10 and trim the edges of the printable.

3. Glue some shells and/or tiny starfish to the bottom of the printable.

Free Beach Decor Printable Shells

4. Put the printable in the frame and that’s it!

I love the way the tan printable background looks with the nautical blue frame. It would look great with a white frame as well. Depending on the style of frame you get, you can hang it or set it on the mantle or table.

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  1. This sign couldn’t be more timely, loving it. Today finally got my caboose in gear to change theme in living room. Our Spring has not exactly said beach, lake etc. but decided would get out beachy decorations anyway. Have to think good summer weather, fool it maybe?
    From what have seen on blogland we’re not alone so no sense grumbling. We live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO and up to week ago I was still wearing flannel jams to bed. Week before that still had flannel sheets and 2 quilts on bed. Holy cow Mother Nature, get with it.
    We don’t have fireplace so my shutter shelf centered on one l/r wall stands in for mantel. I love decorating that shelf so when I finally go summery it’s sign am ready for it. Change out décor on l/r niche shelves.
    Thanks for sharing this sign, will help cheer up room along with few other goodies have made. Usually when I get urge to change theme I love to make new art myself but have to admit did buy metal “beach” word at HL yesterday on sale, couldn’t resist. Have wonderful holiday weekend

    1. Hi JaneEllen, we’re so thrilled you found this free printable sign to add to your beach decor. We hope it brings some warmer sunny weather your way. If you share a photo of your shutter shelf on Pinterest with the sign on instagram, please tag us @kenarryideas and Lisa @lifeonmerlin so we can see how it great it looks in your home. Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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