Chic and Fun DIY House Number Wall Planter


Add a little character to your home’s exterior with this easy and chic DIY house number wall planter!

Hi there, Kenarry readers! It’s Alaina from Bullock’s Buzz, and I’m back again to share another fun post. This time a cool Summer craft – a DIY House Number Wall Planter!

Add a little character to your home's exterior with this easy and chic DIY house number wall planter! #gardenideas #housenumbers #frontporch #farmhouse

I don’t know about you but I am a total plant junkie. I can never wait until Spring and Summer to start coming up with new ways to incorporate greenery into my decor. And I always spend way too much time drooling over the cool ideas and DIY plant displays on Pinterest.

So today I’m sharing a cool DIY house number sign that incorporates both a cute planter and some chic galvanized metal numbers.

How to Make DIY House Number Wall Planter

This DIY House Number Wall Planter is super easy to make and can be hung on the wall or left to stand up on a table or the ground. And since the plant is in a removable flower pot, it can be easily switched out for different plants as the seasons change. You can even learn how to paint a terra cotta pot to change the look. Ready to see how to make this adorable house address wall planter?

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Supplies for DIY House Number Wall Planter

diy house number wall planter supplies

Instructions for DIY House Number Wall Planter

To get started, you will need some type of wood base. My base is actually the top of a small wood crate I had laying around. However, you can use any type of blank wood sign you prefer. Or, if you like this look, you can build one in just minutes. Simply Google DIY wood slatted sign for tons of tutorials.

1. Mark Off Where to Hang Hose Clamp and Numbers

First, I marked off where I wanted my planter to hang and where I wanted to put the numbers. Take a moment to consider how far up from the bottom edge of the sign you want the hose clamp, as well as how far down your flower pot is going to sit once it is inside the clamp. This way, if you are not going to hang your house number planter, you can be sure the flower pot will not hang too far below the bottom of the sign preventing you from sitting it on a table or the ground.

2. Attach Hose Clamp with Wood Screws

Next, I attached the hose clamp to the wood using two small wood screws. Note: the slots in the hose clamp may be a bit too small for the screws to fit. To fix this, take a large nail and hammer it through each of the slots you are going to use. This will bend them open just enough for the screws to fit through.

diy house number wall planter attach hose clamp to board

3. Glue on House Numbers

Once the clamp was attached to the wood, it was time to attach the house numbers. A little e6000 glue made quick work of this!

use glue to attach numbers to the diy house number wall planter

4. Add the Potted Plant

Now all that was left was to pot the succulent, then insert the flower pot into the hose clamp. And it’s done! Doesn’t it look cute?!

DIY House Number Wall Planter finished
DIY House Number Wall Planter on table

I am still debating between leaving mine on the table, or hanging it on the front of the house! Which do you think would look best?

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