Free Customizable First Day Of School Signs


Want to capture the memory of kids going back to school? Then download this free customizable first day of school sign and create your own photo prop!

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla and I love sharing printables. With back to school season already in full swing, here’s a cute first day of school printable sign to use for snapshots!

Preview of two first day of school sign printables, chalkboard themed design and white pencils design. Both with editable fields for name, school, age, teacher and year.

It’s amazing how summer flies by so quickly and many communities around the world are already back in school. For those starting up soon, don’t forget to prepare for those first-day-of-school photo opportunities. Everyone loves to see them and share them!

Freebie Customizable first day of school signs

I’ve designed two first day of school sign printables and would love to share them with you. They are editable PDF files, so you can include your child’s personal information.

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Kid holding first day of school chalkboard designed printable for a photo.

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How to use this first day of school printable: 

Create your own first day of school sign by downloading your preferred printable PDF design – either the white pencils version or dark chalkboard version. Just download, edit and print!

And then you can also save this in a scrapbook too. It’s the perfect size for larger DIY scrapbooks and will look darling next to your child’s photo.

Supplies & Tools Needed: 

  • Download the free customizable first day of school sign PDF from Kenarry
  • Cardstock or white printer paper
  • Home printer or take to your local print shop
  • Embellishments or decorations (optional)

first day of school sign instructions:

1. choose your preferred design

Be sure to sign-up with Kenarry so you get to download the free customizable first day of school signs. Simply choose the version you prefer and download the PDF to your computer.

Child holding first day of school printable sign - pencils design.

2. Customize your first day of school sign

Once you have the customizable PDF downloaded, you can easily open it up in Adobe Acrobat and edit the fillable form areas. Adobe Acrobat is a free program that you can use to view PDF files. When there are form fields, you can edit and type in those fields to create your own custom text. Download Adobe Acrobat here.

When you open these PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, you’ll notice there are blue highlighted areas that are the editable form areas. The blue won’t print, it’s just there to show you where you can click and edit the text. Go ahead and fill out your child’s personal information to make your very own unique sign.

Printable signs are a great way to document your child’s first day of school, including all the detailed information that we often forget years later if we don’t write them down. Now you can capture it all in one photo!

3. Print and Snap photos

Once you have your sign completed, you can save the file for later use and print it out on white cardstock or send to your local print shop. Designs have been formatted to fit on a regular letter-sized sheet of paper, but you can certainly blow it up and print larger if you wish.

Printing tips:

When printing at home, remember to choose the fit to page size, so you don’t lose any part of the design, depending on your printer settings.

Before hitting the print button, select the best print quality possible and check your print preview just in case. Better safe than sorry!

I personally use an HP printer with the HP Instant Ink service, so it’s super affordable and easy to print full-color in a snap, without worries about running out of ink! However, I specifically created a light version and dark version, so you have the choice on what you prefer printing!

Get Creative:

Besides the traditional way of using these first day of school signs where you print and have your child hold it up for a photo… consider getting creative! You can use props to help create a truly unique first day of school photo. Consider:

  • Framing the sign, so your child is holding a unique frame.
  • Glue the sign onto a stick, so it becomes a real hold it up high prop item.
  • Let your kids decorate the sign with embellishments, stickers, glitter!
  • Print the sign smaller to use in your memory keeping, scrapbooking and journals.
  • Edit the text for other first-day experiences and cut/collage as needed to use this printable over and over again.
  • Can you think of other uses for these cute editable sign printables?

Ready, Set, Take Photos:

Once you have your sign printed, you’ll have an amazing custom first day of school sign to use in all your snapshots. Go ahead and take those pictures and capture the memories. All of the information will be encapsulated in a beautiful photo that commemorates the first day of school milestone for your kids.

If you have more than one child, you can easily edit and save another copy of the customizable sign with updated information. Repeat as necessary!

Hand holding a mock polaroid printout of first day of school sign.

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What’s Next? 

I hope you find this freebie useful for your back to school memory keeping. Enjoy this free customizable first day of school sign and don’t forget to check out the other free printables on my blog:

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Preview of chalkboard design themed first day of school sign printable.

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