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Looking for a free habit tracker printable that you can download and use for yearly and monthly habits? Here’s a versatile design that will work for a variety of situations to help you keep on top of your habits this year.

Hello! This is Linda from tortagialla.com and I’m a graphic designer who loves to share digital printables. Today I have a functional habit tracker printable to share with you. This printable can work as a monthly or yearly habit tracker.

View of black desk with habit tracker printable with woman's hand holding writing utensils, ready to fill out boxes.

Habit tracking gives us a nice visual representation of our efforts. So I think it can be a great motivator to keep up with good habits and not break the chain! Since we all have different needs, I created this habit tracker printable that can work for monthly and yearly tracking.

Top view of white kitchen counter top  with scissors, polaroids, flowers, veggies and grapefruit sliced on the top area with preview of habit tracker PDFs printed and stacked below.

What you need: 

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Using Your Habit Tracker Printable Download:

Monthly Habit Tracking

So for any intention, you might set, accountability is essential to ensuring success. It’s easy to set goals at the beginning of the year or month. However, I believe you have to track them to be able to learn and analyze the results.

Whether you are looking to form a new good habit, break a bad habit or just keep track of repeating tasks, this habit tracker printable will do the job. You can use this printable as a monthly habit tracker if you have a long list of items to track.

Simply list habits on the left-hand column, while checking off each day box on the right side. There are enough rows to track twelve different habits or tasks. If you need to track even more, just print another copy of the download. The great thing about digital printables is that you can print as many copies as you need.

The lined space in the upper right hand corner is for the specific month and year. However, there’s enough room for you to add a motivational quote or the overarching “why” behind your daily habits. I like to use this space to motivate myself with encouraging words. Since you will be tracking daily, you will see this every single day and read it every single day!

This habit tracker will definitely help you become mindful of your daily behaviors. You will be compelled to be consistent and accountable. I definitely recommend placing this page somewhere you can easily access daily to check it off.

Cropped view of PDF of habit tracker on wooden desk with greenery in the upper right hand corner.

Yearly Habit Tracking

Another way of using this habit tracker printable is for the whole year on this one page. There are conveniently 12 rows that can be labeled with the months of the year. In this way, you can concentrate on one daily habit for the entire year.

There’s definitely a huge sense of satisfaction as you go along and fill up the boxes while tracking daily. Imagine how amazing it would be to see the entire year tracked on one page, right? You can simply use checkmarks or consider filling up the boxes with a colored marker to create a colorful result at the end of the year.

Also, if you are new to habit tracking, I recommend focusing on one habit for the entire year. This will be much more approachable for beginners to keep up with. However, if you want to track multiple habits yearly, just print one page per habit. You can tape up each page near the location of the habit to easily keep up with tracking.

For example, imagine having this printable on the bathroom door for your kids to track daily teeth brushing. Or another copy by their desk for daily reading. I’m sure you get the idea when it comes to daily tracking isolated to a specific area. For both kids and adults, this habit tracker printable will work for a variety of scenarios.

Preview of PDF of habit tracker taped to white wall with wooden analog clock and potted plant on the right.

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What’s Next? 

So, I hope you are able to make use of this free habit tracker printable. If you like using digital printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more freebies.

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Preview of PDF of habit tracker on white desk with keyboard and notebooks under.

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