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Free Printable Summer Bucket List

Create memorable adventures with this free printable summer bucket list and make it a fun challenge for the whole family this year!

Hi, I’m Linda from tortagialla.com and I love to create digital printable designs. Today I have a free printable summer bucket list to share with everyone. You can use this printable design as a planning and organizational tool for all members of the family.

Preview of pink summer bucket list pineapple design on top of spiral notebook on desk with papers.

When summer vacation arrives, I’m always making lists of fun activities for my kids. To help them keep busy, have fun and experience new adventures, it really helps to take notes and make lists. A great way to keep track of all your ideas is to make a bucket list.

I suggest writing down your ideas as a brainstorming exercise at first. Whatever ideas you come across, write it all down from specific events to general ideas. When you finalize your ideas into a bucket list, they will be prioritized into a ready to-do list.

I’ve designed a cute pineapple themed bucket list printable that works wonderfully for the summertime vibe. I’ve also included 3 different colored backgrounds, so you can split ideas into categories as needed.

What you need: 

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download the free printable summer bucket list:

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Bunch of white flowers on whitewashed wooden background with preview of summer bucket list printable.

USING this free printable summer BUCKET LIST:


Sometimes we are full of ideas and have too many items to add to our bucket lists. But other times it feels like there is nothing to do instead. My kids can fall into the trap of saying everything is boring!

So that’s why spending the time to brainstorm and make a bucket list can be really helpful. Spend less time in hesitation and just follow your bucket list! On a separate sheet of paper, I recommend spending a few days just brainstorming all ideas. Give yourself the freedom to list everything and anything.

When you have all of your ideas listed out so you can see them all together, then you can boil them down into a bucket list. You can also prioritize an order before writing onto the free printable summer bucket list design.

Preview of pineapple summer bucket list design on top of notebook and white flowers.


The free printable bucket list PDF includes 3 different colors for you to choose from. I specifically created multiple variations so that you can split activities into categories or separate by person.

We all have different preferences and therefore different bucket list activities, so it’s perfectly okay to split ideas into different lists. Perhaps you’ll have a family bucket list versus each family member’s individual bucket list.

There’s actually a blank space in the title banner of the printable to write down a category or name if you choose to. Also remember that the beauty of digital printables is that you can print as many copies as you need, especially if you have more than 10 items to list.

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Preview of pink summer bucket list design on wooden counter with view of laptop and plat with breakfast and cutlery.

MAKE IT A CHALLENGE or competition

Are your kids or family members competitive? Although a bucket list is meant to be a leisurely effort, you can transform it into a to-do list from a challenge perspective. Nothing like a bit of competition to spark interest, especially amongst siblings.

Consider challenging your kids to complete their bucket lists by a certain timeframe or to see who checks off more items for a special prize at the end of the summer. The idea is to make things into a game of sorts – gamification – a great technique to encourage everyone to participate and most importantly have fun!

What’s Next? 

In conclusion, I hope this free printable summer bucket list design will be helpful to you and your family this summer. This printable would look great on the fridge, but can also be saved into a scrapbook for memory keeping. If you like printables, be sure to check out my blog for even more freebies.

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Preview of pineapple summer bucket list design on kraft paper background.

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