Home Organization Free Printables: Birthdays, Passwords and Schedules


List makers unite! Record birthdays, passwords and weekly to-do lists on colorful Home Organization Free Printables.

Hey there Kenarry readers! Trish, here, kicking off the New Year with a few free printables. If one of your New Year resolutions includes being more organized then I’ve got three ways to help! That is, if you are anything like me and prefer the old fashion way of writing things down. It is true, as much as I love technology and creating digitally, there are still certain things that I need to see on paper.

Free printable birthday tracker with a calendar, orange pen and paperclips on a wood background.

How to add to your home organization with three printables

New Year’s resolutions aside any day is a good day to find some peace in organization and that is the purpose of my three free printables.

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get the printables:

  • Monthly Birthday Tracker
  • Password Keeper
  • Weekly To-Do List

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Three home organization free printables with an orange pen and paperclips on a wood background.

Supplies needed to get started: 

ways to organize & get creative with home organization printables:

  • Organize your printables in a 3 ring binder then add dividers between the birthdays and passwords. Print out these Free Printable Birthday Cards on card stock so you’re never without a card when you need it.
  • Tuck your passwords sheet away in a colorful file folder.
  • Rather than printing the Home Organization Free Printables in color ink; print the three pages on different colored copy paper.
  • Reuse the Weekly To-Do List printable by placing the printable in a self-sealing laminating sheet then use a dry erase marker to record your weekly schedule. At the end of the week simply erase your schedule by wiping it off with tissue or paper towel then start all over again.
  • Give a friend the gift of organization! Purchase home office supplies like a calendar, stationery, and pens then add the three free printables in a basket, gift bag or a fun desktop inbox.

Happy organizing & list making!

Three home organization free printables with an orange pen and paperclips on a wood background.

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