How To Hang A Gallery Wall Using A Gift Wrap Template


Learn how to make a perfect gallery wall and only have to nail ONCE! This simple to follow tutorial teaches how to hang a gallery wall using a gift wrap template.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall using a gift wrap template

Hi everyone, I’m Rita Joy from Harbour Breeze Home, and I’m so glad to be back here at Kenarry today. Sometimes the last step in a project ends up being the biggest challenge, doesn’t it? Such was the case when I decided to hang a botanical print gallery wall in my One Room Challenge Dining Room design.

I finally had all the prints in frames, but then wondered how to get them hung on the wall properly. Since we had recently painted the walls a pretty Simply White color, I didn’t want to mess them up with a whole bunch of nail holes in the wrong places!

I wracked my brain to think of a simple solution using something I already had in the house (since it was 10 pm!). I didn’t have a roll of large kraft paper on hand, but I did have some Christmas wrap I bought last year on clearance.

When I took the plastic off and started to unroll it, I noticed it had grid markings on the back. That little feature made this method the easiest gallery wall hanging process I’ve ever tried.

If you’d like to try it too, here are the simple steps:

1.) Cut the Wrapping Paper

Cut a piece of paper that is approximately the size of the space you want to cover with a gallery wall. If the paper isn’t wide enough for the square footage you’re covering, tape 2 (or more) pieces together.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall using Gift Wrap

2.) Place the Frames on the Paper

Lay the paper on the floor and arrange your items the way you’d like them to appear on the wall. (Since I wanted the pictures to be in straight lines, the grid paper made this step so much easier!)

How to Hang a Gallery Wall using Gift Wrap

3.) Mark the Hanger Spots on the Paper

Once happy with the arrangement, mark where the hangers are of each picture frame. (You can even trace around the frames, if that helps.)

How to Hang a Gallery Wall using Gift Wrap

4.) Tape the Gift Wrap to the Wall

Tape the gift wrap on the wall where you’d like the gallery wall to hang.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall using Gift Wrap

5.) Hammer Nails on the Marks

Hammer picture hangers or nails on the marks.

6.) Take the Wrapping Paper Down

Once all the nails are in the wall, remove pictures (if you had them up like I did) and carefully rip the wrapping paper off the wall. (There will now be holes in your wrapping paper…)

7.) Hang Pictures Back Up

Hang your pictures up, stand back, and enjoy the successful completion of your project!! You can check out Carrie’s living room makeover to see how she used the wallpaper template for her own family gallery wall.

PS. If you’re interested in the botanical prints I chose, you can grab the free printables of them here. Free printables are one of my favorite economical decor tricks. You can see other uses for them in these posts:

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Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2018.

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